Should I tweet my nipples?

After a day and a half at the Media140 conference (which was criticised by some of the audience for being too focussed on Twitter, rather than other forms of social media like, um, Facebook, and um, stuff), I’m yet to be convinced about Twitter. I can see the benefits, but just don’t know if it’s something I want to do. I might have to give it a crack though. As Chloe Walker pointed out on my previous post, the only way to “get” it is to use it for a while.

Anyway, here’s what happened:

The ABC’s MD Mark Scott put up a little diagram of three circles representing narcissism, ADHD and stalking, and Twitter is where they meet in the middle.

There will be 25 million people on Twitter by the end of this year. That’s just a few weeks away. The aim is for one billion by 2013. I probably need to be part of that. Hmm, not sure if I like where this is going.

Malcolm Turnbull has someone else do most of his tweeting and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with that. You guys know I don’t say mean things online about other people (except when I called Kyle Sandilands an arsehat. There, look, I did it again), but Turnbull is so arrogant. He even started with a joke about bloggers and tweeters being baseball-hatted fatties beavering away on the internet in their parents’ garage. Am surprised it didn’t get more of a reaction.

Still on Turnbull, and he rarely answered a question. He just waffled on until you were so bored you forgot what was asked. The funniest bit was when he said he does use his Blackberry in the House, and pointed with both hands to his crotch. Ha ha, he’s got a blackberry. Gross. Can’t believe I gave myself that mental picture.

Mike Van Niekerk, online editor in chief at Fairfax, quoted the head of the BBC, saying that Twitter is highly overrated at this point in time, but underrated in the long term.

Robyn Williams from Radio National said Twitter was karaoke journalism.

Caroline Overington was the only News Ltd journo involved and she just talked about how Fairfax is about to keel over. Julie Posetti said the News Ltd absence wasn’t for lack of trying, but I suspect it’s more about snobbery.

Annabel Crabb is awesome.

Chris Warren from the MEAA said we’re fundamentally damaging the brand of journalism at a time when journalism can least afford it.

Valerio Veo, head of online news and current affairs at SBS, said one platform ponies will become redundant. Uh oh.

The stench of cat poo keeps wafting in my window. I’ve looked, but can’t find it. Just another reason to dislike cats. (Crap, that sounds like a tweet.) That didn’t happen at the conference. That’s happening now.

I think some of my reluctance about Twitter is that I like being low-fi. And do I want to be a brand?

11 responses to “Should I tweet my nipples?

  1. My theory is a lot of these people are just slamming it because
    1. something that scale is hard to control
    2. something they can’t control is not because they can’t profit from it
    3. if you can’t profit from something it must be bad for society
    4. ergo, twitter is bad.

    I don’t know – what started off as a platform for poo reviews has turned into me spamming the world with my over entitled sense of self-importance.

  2. “The ABC’s MD Mark Scott put up a little diagram of three circles representing narcissism, ADHD and stalking, and Twitter is where they meet in the middle.”

    I know I’m a Twittevangelist, but I’m also a textbook case of the above described Venn diagram.

  3. I think you should only use twitter if all your tweets (is that what they are called?) are composed as Haiku.

    Will news with nipples
    Succum to the twitter-sphere
    Dont do it Kimmy!

  4. Does Mark Scott have ADHD, or is he just using people with disabilities as the butt of a joke?

  5. I have a twitter. I still think it’s pointless.

    It’s not a great advertising medium. I do get blog hits from my twitter, but they only find the link to my twitter from my blog. So I’m not showing something new to an untapped market.

    I get followed by companies, which is the biggest waste of time ever. A real estate website is following me? Good for them. I will never click on their links and never read their tweets, so it’s all pointless.

    One good thing is that you can get little communities on twitter. I’m a fat blogger, and I follow and am followed by many other fat bloggers. We chat to each other, we keep up to date on each other’s blogs and we retweet links to each other’s blog posts.

    Verdict: A time-waster. Useful if one works in a boring office (as I do).

    • I reckon boring offices have a lot to answer for, particularly crap stories on news sites.

      • Oh man, twitter results in crap stories on news sites! I have lost count of how many ‘articles’ I’ve seen on what people have tweeted in response to an issue. Such lazy journalism.

        • It’s lazy journalism, but I think there’s something else going on. Journos are always being told that our jobs are under threat, and that if we’re one-platform ponies we’ll quickly become redundant. So all the twitter stories seem to me like some journos trying to show that they’re hip to the young kids.

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