Sexualising rape on the ABC

Just then on The World Today on ABC radio, Mark Willacy was reporting on the protests over the US base in Okinawa. He said locals were angry over the rape of a 12-year-old “schoolgirl” by marines.

Why “schoolgirl”? Why not “girl”? It’s pretty likely that a 12-year-old girl would be in school, so do we need to know she’s a schoolgirl? Particularly when “schoolboy” is only used when the boy has achieved something, like winning a race against adults or beating them in a chess comp.

When I hear “schoolgirl was raped” I get angry, but I wonder if it has that same response in others? I know it shouldn’t, but the term “schoolgirl” does have sexual connotations. And when the type of male who belongs to Dude Nation hears “schoolgirl” and “rape”, does he think about sexy schoolgirls he’d like to fuck? I don’t know. I’ve met some pretty awful characters over the years and it doesn’t seem that implausible.

2 responses to “Sexualising rape on the ABC

  1. Hi Kim. Love the site. just FYI, his name is spelt Mark Willacy, not Willisee.

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