Sydney Uni – best in Australia?

In today’s Sydney Morning Herald is a little report, buried at the bottom of page 4, about the National Union of Students rating Sydney Uni as the best in Australia for “the quality of its student experience”. Wonder if there’s a massive ‘Doh!’ coming out of the NUS at the moment?

Also in the SMH is a letter from Peter McNeil, professor of design history at UTS, which says in part: “Australian colleges are protected bastions of male privilege. Women have to either find a way to laugh it off in a blokeish manner or try to fit in”. See? It’s not just the wimmens who can see this.

There’s also a letter from Karina Scott, a student at Women’s College, saying we shouldn’t blame St Paul’s because it’s a society-wide problem, and the “residential colleges at the University of Syndey have a long and proud history of producing well-rounded individuals, respected leaders and high-achieving intellectuals” and blah blah blah. Ok, fair point about rape culture, but to say it’s society’s problem is a cop out because here we have a group of privileged young men openly saying that rape is fun and something they like to do.

I would like to point out that the members of the “Define Statutory” Facebook group were current and former residents. So clearly, St Paul’s College is turning out young men who are – or would like to be – sex offenders.

They’re also ill-equipped to deal with modern life. The college prides itself on ensuring “that men have the greatest possible amenity and can spend as little of their life as possible dwelling on mundane, domestic arrangements… to become true renaissance men in a modern setting”. Young men who’ve never had to clean or cook are certainly not “true renaissance men in a modern setting”.

Finally, check out the fabulous rant by Fuck Politeness. It always amazes me how her anger and biting humour can make me feel better.

4 responses to “Sydney Uni – best in Australia?

  1. The SMH article intelligently showed how the victims of rape take the fall, the blame and abuse for the rape. I also liked the way they again pointed out that alcohol does not rape women; men rape women. If the same argument structure works for the gun lobby, why can’t it work for the anti-rape lobby?

    The mundane domestic comment by the uni sums up attitudes of the college and therefore its students towards life, their role and women almost as well as the FB page. They should re write how they mean it – ‘you are too important to clean…that’s what wives and the help are for’.

    Also (and now I am in Daily Telegraph comments land) – why aren’t these boys who created the FB page being kicked out of college or better still prosecuted for inciting violence. Perhaps they are. However, I cannot help but think, if it was a FB page created by Muslims called ‘kill the infidels’ the police would be all over it like a flannel!

    • Normally I’d prefer the ‘alcohol doesn’t rape women’ stuff to be higher up, but it was such a great punchy end to the piece. And could you imagine if it was a Muslim ‘rape the infidels’ page? There would be OUTRAGE, with capitals and everything. But women, well, it’s ok to rape them because they’re all whores who want a good deep dicking, right?

  2. plus some of them were drunk and everyone knows that means a green light!

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