Everything is Germaine Greer’s fault, apparently

Did you hear? It’s feminism’s fault that teens get pregnant in the UK. And whereas in the past a woman could make men pay for sex with “the ball and chain” of marriage, today men don’t have to marry the women they impregnate, and that’s somehow feminism’s fault.

And apparently the woman to blame for ruining the very fabric of UK society is Germaine Greer.

Quentin Letts is one angry dude. And confused. First he blames Greer for men shaving their heads, then he blames EastEnders. Then he says he wouldn’t trust a dentist or a doctor with a shaved head. Huh?

Somehow “We have become a nation of hard-ball hedonists, groin scratchers, beer-bellied burpers in armpit vests” means the “destruction of feminine modesty and decency”.

He goes on:

While the Princes set a crass example to other young men of their age, women no longer leave the hell-raising simply to the boys. They join in, trying to match their men mojito for mojito. They have lost the centuries-old idea of being demure in public. The sort of slender-lipped, self-questioning, hesitant lover played by Celia Johnson in David Lean’s 1945 film Brief Encounter is now found only in recently arrived immigrant families.

The native British girls have become fat-faced ‘ladettes’, goose pimples rising on the skin of their exposed thighs as they clack-clack-clack along the pavement en route to the weekend disco, destination bonk. If they are really lucky, perhaps they will bed a prince.

Older generations would call these women ‘slappers’ – and they would be right. Before the night is out, some of them will be bending over a storm drain, puking, weeping, wailing ‘e don’t love me!’ before passing out under some sulphurous street lamp.

Sigh. Yet another man telling women what to do.

Women drink because they are trying to show how free they are. Here, sisters, is an unwelcome dividend of female emancipation.

Really? I thought women drink so they can’t smell vaginas.

They are expected to get as plastered as the blokes and any girl who sticks to a nice pineapple juice will be unfairly mocked as ‘frigid’.

So, it’s unfair to mock someone as frigid, but perfectly ok to call them a slapper in a national newspaper?

In a century we have gone from an over-genteel society which covered table legs to the other extreme in which girls publicise their sexual availability by wearing T-shirts baring their flab-mottled bellies. Four hundred years ago William Shakespeare depicted this type with his ‘country copulatives’ in As You Like It. There was one difference. In Shakespeare’s day the gap-toothed country girl offering easy pleasure would later exact her price – the ball and chain of marriage. And so women have been denied the financial and romantic security which came with marital vows. Women’s lib gave men an excuse not to make a commitment and many of them promptly took it.

Again, let’s blame women for the way some men act. Indeed, Letts later blames feminism for the rise in violence against women. Because, as we all know, violence against women didn’t happen before feminism. And it’s all Greer’s fault:

One woman who must bear some of the blame is Germaine Greer, the freckled Sheila who came to Britain in the early 1960s in search of fame, fortune and most of all headlines. To her, feminism was about a declaration of sexual power and she began arguing that case in newspapers, books and on the airwaves. Women had to assert their sexual hunger in order to claim their rightful place alongside the hump-and-dump men.

She seized up and discarded men like a tramp investigating old sandwich wrappers in a municipal rubbish bin. It was her prerogative as a woman so to do. Women had the right to misbehave.

Miss Greer by flaunting her bosoms and spitting out men as disposable sex objects, may have created a lucrative career for herself. She may have enabled women to cast aside horridly uncomfortable 1960s brassieres, instruments of near medieval torture. There was, though, a price to pay. One consequence of her convention- shattering ways was a destruction of modesty and decency.

And then there’s more pompous blah blah about how single mothers can’t raise well-balanced children; that because of Greer and the feminists the UK Government “changed benefit rules to make it advantageous to be a single mother”; that feminist orthodoxy is contrary to common sense; and that it’s Greer’s fault there are teen pregnancies, abortion and STDs in the UK.

Like I said, Quentin Letts is one angry and confused dude. He’s flogging his book, Bog-Standard Britain. Bet it’s a fascinating read.

Update: We mixed our drinks has written a great piece on how much Letts reviles women.

8 responses to “Everything is Germaine Greer’s fault, apparently

  1. Well he is just bonkers isn’t he! I can’t actually find a comment to make on this. Except that this man sounds like he sees more importance in the role of doilies in society than women, unless we are busy being seen and not heard demure types………….ROAR!

  2. You know I think the main reason why a lot of writers slam on Germain Greer is because she’s made a fuck-tonne more money than they ever will…. just implying 😉

  3. and there were never single mothers before feminism… men always stayed around to help raise and support their offspring… puh-lease! Anyone whose actually ever been a single parent would know that its hard work and not something that’s ‘advantageous’ at all. What a jerkity, jerk, jerk, jerk.

  4. Wow he really, really hates women. And he manages to be racist with his stereotypes about immigrants at the same time. Dude must really hate himself to have THAT much hate for everyone else.

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