How to make a man happy, Sam style

A few weekends ago in the park with some wine, Lexy and I were talking about trying to make Nedahl Stelio realise that there’s a difference between fashion criticism and just being mean. Anyway, Dik was amazed that we were even on her blog in the first place: why read something that’s only going to make us mad?

The answer: if you don’t speak up about the things you think are wrong, then how will anything ever change?

Which brings me to Samantha Brett. Today’s lesson: How to be a good wife. “How to make a man happy. Forever.”

She’s talking about Michelle and Barack Obama:

What resonated most with me from the story was that, despite all the odds being against them – the long absences, lack of privacy, ossified gender roles and stultifying rules – they’ve remained the pin-up couple for how to conduct a successful marital relationship.

So “ossified gender roles” work against a couple, yet her entire post is about how to be a good wife to make a man happy. Forever.

She’s also back to one of her favourite topics: that unmarried women in their 30s are desperate to get married.

Maybe I’d better listen to Watson’s suggestions of what “good wife material” consists of, which includes doing the following:

* Make him a priority. Not the kids. Not your exercise routine. Him.
* Have sex. Often and regularly, despite how tired you are, how late you had to stay at work or how much more appealing a Pilates class or glass of wine with a girlfriend sounds instead.
* Beware of resentment. You chose to marry the dude. You should be able to live with that decision.
* Be kind and supportive. That includes actually admitting when you’re wrong.

I’m not going to tear this apart. Instead, we should all go to her Ask Sam blog and start being heard.

7 responses to “How to make a man happy, Sam style

  1. I’m impressed she found her way to the thesaurus (that’s shift F7 folks!!) to locate all that splendiferous if incongruous wordage! That’ll snag her a man fo’ shuh.

  2. Sorry, I tried to be heard but then I read this comment “Keep his stomach full and his balls empty” and I had a little spew in my mouth.

  3. *jaw drops*

    What the Hell?

    • Not only what the hell, but why the fuck is she the only woman writing about “women’s issues” (ie, how to get a husband and keep him forever, because that’s clearly all we’re interested in) in the Sydney Morning Herald?

  4. In other words, be his chore slave, be his sex slave, and don’t talk back to him: How To Keep A Man Happy When He’s a Total PANSY.

    • Not sure I agree with the use of the word pansy, but it’s completely ridiculous that we have someone in the mainstream media pushing this line. It’s not a gender issue, it’s an ethical one. Is it ethical to be telling half the world’s population to act as unpaid servants, to prioritise one person who can look after himself over little people who cannot?

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