Things that shit me

I had a shit day at work. And I’m pissed off that I’m still in a shitty mood, two hours into my own time.

You know what else shits me?

Listening to the bullshit that goes on in Parliament as the Opposition tries to score points on asylum seekers. They’re desperate people. Pull your head out of your fucking privileged arse (yes, Julie Bishop, I’m talking to you – not only have you played the immigration queue jumper card, but now you’re saying the Sri Lankans on the Oceanic Viking will jump the public housing queue. You are making me very, very cross).

People who think asylum seekers are queue-jumping terrorists rolling in money.

The sales people at work who are never on the phone selling anything and then go shopping at lunch because they earn a shitload more than I do, yet I’m the one creating the product they sell (or don’t/can’t sell, as the case often is). And then when money’s tight, the journos are the first to go.

People who blame women for violence against women.

That the snails aways get to the strawberries before me, no matter how many snail pellets and beer traps I use.

And that the neighbour’s cat shits under our window. And it got in last weekend and pissed in the living room in a bag Man Friend’s step mum brought back from France for us. I hate that cat.

Got something you want to add? Go on, let it out.

17 responses to “Things that shit me

  1. That correspondents can criticise me by name in public while having their name withheld.


    I thought we were done with it when Howard was voted out. Rudd got rid of the Pacific Solution, which was awesome. I celebrated. But no, now we’re talking about illegal immigrants and that fucking queue like we’ve learnt nothing.

    Rustling up fear of brown people is a desperation move when you’ve got nothing better to offer the public. Rudd wasn’t even suffering in the polls. It makes no fucking sense, no matter how you look at it.

    • That’s what I think. He doesn’t need to play this game. With such great polling, he can afford to change the debate. To explain why the debate up to now has been wrong. What a waste of an opportunity. Just after the election, my now-former chief of staff said Rudd has the potential to be one of this country’s greatest PMs. Wonder if he’s disappointed too?

  3. Tony Abbott – he shits me and everything he stands for – I think that just about covers most of my whingeing…oh and people who are walking in front of you who stop dead for no apparent reason so that you trip over them. I blame the immigrants for that too!

    and hormones for putting me in a v bad mood today.

    • Tony Abbott shits me too. As do all people with religious beliefs who think everyone should follow their rules. If you don’t personally, morally, ethically agree with stem cell research, then don’t use the medical advances from this research. If you don’t agree with abortion, don’t have one. But don’t you dare tell anyone else they can’t either.

  4. I tell you what else shits me and has nothing to do with politics. I hate that bubble blowing plastic Santa that plays ‘Santa clause is coming to town’ in a tinny ring tone way that sits outside the junk shop near my office. You can’t walk down the road without hearing it. I am toying with accidentally knocking it over as I enter the store. Funny thing – I mentioned it to the girl behind the counter how outrageously annoying it is and she said I was bothered by it cos my hair is naturally curly and I straighten it….that’s the most random thing I have heard in a while.

  5. It shits me that I cant eat pizza every night for dinner and not get fat.
    It shits me that going back on the pill seems to be giving me pimples (or maybe that is the pizza?).
    It shits me that apples make you HUNGRIER! What kind of cruel joke is that?
    It shits me that when I made an excellent point in a meeting yesterday, my boss didnt acknowledge, me for it, he said ‘good job’ to the woman who said “Like K said…” and then reiterated my point.
    It shits me that I am not sure how to spell reiterated.

  6. this is your most comments ever. I wonder if you would get as many with ‘things that make me skip gayly’. perhaps they are right – we are angry hairy feminsists afterall!

    • Things that make me skip gaily.
      New clothes, sunshine, lemonade iceblocks, barbecues, swimming pools (although not too close to the edge – health and safety are important), hanging out with my friends, fridays. There are plenty more but those will do for now.

    • Ooh, things that make me skip gaily:

      International Talk like a Pirate Day
      Eating beans straight off the trellis
      Pineapples and mint
      Dr Who

  7. Something else that shits me. Journalists that use the term ‘brain snap’ for bad actions of a celebrity/politician/whoever. Call it what it is, an act of violence, aggression, anger, inappropriateness, petulance, whatever the circumstance. A brain snap implies it’s a) one off event b) of less importance and c) somehow not the perpetrator’s fault and strangely divorced from them. Yes, Mel Gibson, Russel Crowe, Barry Hall and others I’m talking to you!

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