Mind your manners

I went to boarding school in years 7 and 8. If I’d stayed longer (my parents moved and I didn’t like not knowing anyone in my new home town) I’d have done deportment with June Dally-Watkins. It’s not surprising that this anachronism was still being taught to the girls – once a fortnight we had a free afternoon where we could leave school grounds to go shopping, but we had to wear full uniform of tartan dress, white shirt, tie, granny stockings, shiny shoes (checked before we could leave), blazer and tam o’shanter. Even in summer.

As far as I know, the boys were not taught how to be gentlemen. I guess it was just assumed that they already knew. But girls, well, they’re too daft to know how to be ladies. It seemed strange that their parents were spending so much money on their education, yet they were being taught to to be seen and not heard on their future husband’s arm.

Anyway, back to June Dally-Watkins. She’s having a very ladylike rant in the Herald Sun today, about how young people will ruin your business.

“Young people these days are the ‘me’ generation and are totally involved in themselves,” she said.

“They have no right to refer to people by their first name, ever. There is a lack of respect to other people on the other end of the phone. Those values of the past are ones that must be maintained.”

How quaint her manners are. Young people don’t have rights. Even when they’re adults and working full time, they’re still young people and don’t deserve any rights.

Ms Dally-Watkins also advised people to avoid asking “how are you?” when they greet someone on the phone.

“I think ‘how are you?’ is absolutely terrible … What do people say if they are terribly sick and dying?”

They usually don’t say anything. Or, they tell you. But Dally-Watkins would prefer we all lived in a time when no one discussed anything personal, people were locked up for having a mental illness, and women had no rights – which would be a blow for Dally-Watkins who was a candidate for Fred Nile’s Christian Democratic Party in the 2007 NSW election.

She also said you should only employ good-looking peole on the front desk:

“If you are sincere about running a worthwhile business, the very first thing you do is employ someone on the front desk who not only looks attractive but who answers the phone in the correct and caring way,” she said.

4 responses to “Mind your manners

  1. What is a tam o’shanter?

  2. Tsh tsh It is a truth universally acknowledged that only women need to learn manners, deportment and all things wily, beguiling and feminine so that we can snag ourselves that ever elusive man. Every man knows that women (especially those of ‘a certain age’) are desperate to get married so he can just stand their in his stubbies and thongs and we will throw ourselves at him.

    I didn’t know she was a Fred Niles crony. I dislike her more than ever knowing that.

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