So lame I had to laugh

Sam Brett has delivered quite possibly the worst piece of writing ever:

It seems lately a little trouble has been brewing among those ensconced in a little girl-on-girl.

I’m not talking about the latest spate of lipstick lesbians painted in the media as the new “it” trend and ultimate male fantasy. Nor am I referring to an all-woman tennis match, or spray tanning party. Instead, I’m talking about something far more sinister: female friendships.

Latest spate of lipstick lesbians as an “it” trend? Maybe a few years ago, but today?

Whether it be in the office, in social circles or in families, it seems the old notion of Girl Power has long been replaced with unsisterly behaviour. And the blokes are being mightily turned off…

Ah, yes, it is Samantha Brett, and everything comes back to whether men find it hot. I didn’t read the rest.

5 responses to “So lame I had to laugh

  1. Jesus.Cunting.Christ.

  2. Wow. What is wrong with her?

  3. Her writing is painful and makes me cringe. It is a popular blog because it gives people a forum to share their male/female/dating/relationship dramas, the comments entertain.

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