Violence at Schoolies and bullshit reporting

Everything about this article makes me cross: Girl power turns ugly and violent during Schoolies Week:

THEY are the shiny, silver bracelets teenage girls would never factor into their well-planned outfits.

Because all girls are obsessed with clothes and shopping. And I don’t get me started how lame the “girl power” bit is. The Spice Girls released Wannabe in 1996 (thanks Wiki), when most of the schoolies would have been 3-5 years old.

But an increasing tendency for young girls to booze and brawl along with the blokes is seeing them slapped in handcuffs.

Nowhere is this cultural change being seen more openly than the drunk-fest of Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast, which has become a veritable petri dish for psychologists who have seen “daddy’s little girl” morph into the rock chick from hell.

Right, if she isn’t Daddy’s little girl, then she’s a rock chick from hell. Virgin or slut.

Thirty people were arrested on Saturday night. Only three were girls, so they remain a minority, but casual observers of the event over the years say the difference in behaviour of young women is still striking.

Silly me, I thought the 27 non-girls arrested might have been the story.

“You see a lot of girls fighting each other these days, even though this year has been quieter,” said freelance photographer Marc Robertson, who has covered the event for five years. “I’m 40 but you never saw girls fighting like this when I was younger, and I grew up in Townsville.”

Even the one quote from one person there says it isn’t happening as much as it used to. But don’t let that stand in the way of a good young woman-hating story.

Victoria-based adolescent psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg fears part of the problem is role models such as the dysfunctional Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

“A lot of girls are modelling themselves on rock chicks in the mistaken belief that to out-bloke the blokes is somehow sexy,” he said.

Three things here. Firstly, Lohan and Spears aren’t rock chicks. Secondly, is he really suggesting that the driver behind everything girls do is to be sexy to boys? And thirdly, as a psychologist I’m sure he wouldn’t be calling someone dysfunctional in public, which would make it the journo’s word.

And why is this story in the travel section? Is it so readers can say “woo, drunk girls, let’s go”?

2 responses to “Violence at Schoolies and bullshit reporting

  1. Also, from looking at the photos on the Daily Telegraph website, it makes it look like a larger proportion of girls were arrested, or at least ‘handled’ by the police than boys. Especially if it was 3 girls to 27 boys.

    • I know. I also don’t agree with showing the faces of young people being arrested. Some of them may be underaged. And besides, the whole idea of news sites covering Schoolies seems perverted to me – teens aren’t a big audience for them, so running heaps of galleries just seems voyeuristic.

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