None of our Rann business

Does anyone really care if SA Premier Mike Rann had an affair? Like the John Della Bosca affair, it should have stayed a matter for the people involved to sort out. From what I understand, Michelle Chantelois’ estranged husband Richard Phillips had been shopping the story around to journos for years, but it’s unclear if he was trying to hurt her or him. The justification for reporting it now is that Phillips whacked Rann around the head with a rolled-up magazine and now it’s a criminal matter. But I don’t buy it.

”I don’t want people to feel sorry for me,” Ms Chantelois said, ”because I have made my bed and I have to lie in it. But Mike Rann used me to stroke his own ego and pride and unlike me he has suffered no consequences.”

How does getting very public revenge on the man you had an affair with mean “I have made my bed and I have to lie in it”?

The line of questioning on Sunday Night (never watched it, but apparently it’s on Channel Seven) takes the responsibility away from her and onto him:

It was clear to him that you were a married woman with a young child, living in Adelaide quite happily? “Yes.”

“He asked if I would like to go back to his office as he wanted to kiss me. I didn’t say no, I didn’t say no and that was the start of my nightmare.”

Just to be clear here, she’s not saying he raped her. She’s saying she had an affair with him when she was married and he was single and any “consequences” she’s suffered are all his fault.

I’m not going to speculate on who is lying – clearly one of them is – beceause I don’t care. If he had skipped Cabinet meetings to see her then it becomes newsworthy, but the revelation that a single man had consensual sex with someone else (because that’s what this is about, not that she was married) is hardly front page news. With their private lives now being reported on, who’d want to be a politician? You’d have to decide pretty early on that you’d never drink, never take drugs, never have sex, and never know anyone who has done any of these things.

5 responses to “None of our Rann business

  1. I read this article in SMH with interest, especially the language choice on her quote. All that ‘lying in bed’ and ‘stroking’ is a bit deliberate really isn’t it. I disliked the whole SMH article and its tenuous links to impeachment of a US president versus giving the premier of SA a bit of a hard time. Talk about trying to big up your story.

    The problem is with the new emerging fashion in Australia of the media taking an interest in the sex lives of pollies is that the media is so busy condemning media interest in such stories that they publish countless articles rehashing the details (as sordid and salacious as they can find), affectively doing exactly what they actively decry. I would rather it is not reported, I didn’t need to know.

    I also winced again at the use of the word ‘scorned’ when referring to the woman in the della bosca story.

    Another interesting story yesterday is the man with the ‘henpecked’ husband who strangled his wife with her dressing gown cord – raises lots of issues on ‘battered woman syndrome’

    • Today’s story of Chantelois saying she’ll take a lie detector test (which is bollocks since it only measures galvanic skin response, and as a psych student I found that like many people, I can lie my arse off without registering on a polygraph machine) was in the top section of almost all day, yet it didn’t make it into ten most popular stories list. I’m sick of the sanctimonious crap that goes on in the media – as if journos don’t drink, take drugs or have sex.

  2. I find that it was interesting that it was ‘clear to him that she was a happily married woman with children’ was it not clear to her too?

  3. Haha, “Oops, *slaps forhead* I forgot my car keys…. and my marriage”

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