Beating Sam Brett at her own game

Move over Samantha Brett, there’s another female blogger peddling sexist stereotypes in the mainstream media.

Ask Bossy, aka Kate de Brito, is an online agony aunt for News Digital. Today’s question from “a reader” is a guy asking why his girlfriend is upset he won’t marry her when he was upfront at the beginning that he didn’t want to get married again.

Anyway, the first line in de Brito’s response is:

She’s upset because she’s a woman. Women love commitment. And security. And a lot of them love marriage. In general, chicks like to know they’re onto a sure thing.

They are particularly onto a sure thing if they can present women as one trick ponies who only want marriage and babies. That way we don’t have to worry about that silly thing called equal pay. And sexism. And stopping violence against women.

5 responses to “Beating Sam Brett at her own game

  1. Gots to go out and nail me down a man then.
    Jesus, I’m sick of this whole ‘women are so needy and pathetic that their only possible reason for existence is to “snare” a man, and force him into commiting.’ You know what, some women do want to have the security of their relationship confirmed by something like marriage, some of us are just happy to go along with it and take it as it comes. And SHOCK HORROR, some men also want the sewcurity of marriage. I know you already said this, and far more eloquently that I, but just wanted to enjoy a good type-rant. Grrr. And what is this, ‘She’s upset because she’s a woman’? Does she mean that you cant be a woman and not be upset about something all the time?? I’m sure this is not the point Ms De Brittle is trying to get across but if it isn’t then she should form her sentences betterer.

    • If you read the comments on Sam Brett’s blog, most of the blokes are peddling the same line – that all women want to do is trap you into marriage and spend all your money. You’d think that by 2009 our conversations about relationships would have become more grown up. Every now and then I post a comment on her blog and while it does get published, I get ignored by other readers. What’s that line about fools getting the leaders they deserve?

  2. God it’s great to finally find a blog that reflects my own feelings about Samantha Brett’s stupidity and senseless encouragement of hatred between genders. Her articles have no factual evidence (except for the quick survey she did around the office) and she has been rehashing the same bullshit for the last three years! I’ve had to stop reading her because it makes my guts crawl – I want to slap her in her ugly face. She’s the reason Sydney women have such a bad reputation.

    Her blog does nothing more than provide a space for people to bitch about the opposite sex and blame each other for infidelity, selfishness and an inability to communicate. I’m sick of reading comments about how women are holding men ransom for sex and are only after money, and how men are all players who want to pork as many women as they want with no interest in intelligence and values.

    One week women should be sexually liberated and sleep with as many men as they like, the next they should be nuns who only sleep with a man once they have a ring on their finger. Make up your mind Sam!!!!!

    How this woman makes an income from some poorly written drivel is beyond me.

    • Edelweiss, welcome to the News with Nipples. I agree with your comment (except calling her ugly – please see my comments policy on name calling). I dislike both the SMH Sams – Brett and de Brito. I think they both perpetuate this incredibly tired idea that men and women can’t trust each other/can’t be friends. Yawn. Surely Australia is more sophisticated than that.

  3. Not to mention wanting to “slap her in her ugly face”. And “bitching”? Ew.

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