Hounding ‘the other woman’

Here we go again. *Sigh* Married male public figure allegedly has affair. Media hounds alleged lover.

Stories about Tiger Woods have been around all weekend and, like the “Kristen” story – the call girl hired by NY Governor Eliot Spitzer – when there’s a hot/young woman involved, the media tends to forget that a man cheated on his marriage. Particularly when there are photos of the hot/young woman, either right-clicked from her MySpace page, or snapped in the street.

True to form, The Daily Telegraph has a 14 image gallery of the supposed “other woman” Rachel Uchitel running with their story: Tiger Woods admits ‘it’s my fault’ after car crash and rumours of sex affair (he didn’t just have an affair, he had a sex affair. Oo-eee):

TIGER Woods has broken his silence on his bizarre car crash as a transcript of the 911 call to police after his smash has been leaked while the glamourous model alleged to have been his lover has stepped out in New York.

He had the crash on Friday. It’s now only Monday. I hardly think that warrants pulling out the “breaking his silence” cliche. And as far as the writing goes, that’s a terrible intro.

And how’s this for ridiculous detail:

…claims that Woods had been seeing the New York socialite are said to have sent his wife Elin Nordegren into a rage after they celebrated Thanksgiving at their $4 million Florida mansion… Swedish ex-model Elin, 29… The blonde beauty, described as “very upset”…

Is she less believable because she’s a “blonde beauty”? Is she more crazy-woman because she’s a Swedish ex-model?

As for the comments, am guessing this guy will be single for a long time:

charlie of melb Posted at 2:59 PM Today

TIGER TIGER TIGER…….. dont ever let a women treat you that way. Espicially your wife. She has just embarressed yourself, kids, family. Ellin you have disgraced TIGERS unbelieveable carrer. How women wreck mens lives.

6 responses to “Hounding ‘the other woman’

  1. A dude has a car crash and then immediately – without any proof or evidence – his wife gets blamed for it.

    Fucking typical.

  2. Check out this article that fuckpoliteness blogged on http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/society-and-culture/tiger-you-must-tell-us-what-happened-20091130-k07p.html?autostart=1 . I think this is beyond rude, sanctimonious and righteous (I couldn’t just pick one!). Tiger Woods doesn’t ‘owe’ his fans an explanation as to why he crashed into a tree for farks sake. Why is it anybody’s business but his or his family’s? What bearing does it have on him as a sportsman? Keep your sticky beak out of it! Same goes if he had an affair, the only person he would owe an explanation to would be Mrs Woods, who, by the way, wasn’t driving the car, and very kindly smashed the window to get him out. As an aside, if he did cheat, and they had fought, I bet smashing up his car with a golf club would have been a just a little bit satisfying (once she knew he was OK of course…)
    Oh, and charlie of melb is a tool. Learn to spell, you muppet, or at least learn how to use spell check. You have disgraced yourself with your apparent ignorance.

    • Yeah, I saw that article and FP’s post and have to agree with you (and FP). It’s none of our business, and I really think journalists should stop reporting it. And on top of that, I like the name Charlie and until now, had never met a Charlie I didn’t like. Damn him.

  3. As for the ending comment in this article; WOW.

    A man definitely would not like it if a woman said, “shut up you’re making us women look bad. You’re ruining our family, our career, and our social life.” It is ridiculous as you said that someone in 2009 would have the audacity to say/comment something like that. Perhaps it’s just because it’s over the internet but who knows… People with views like that should just keep it to themselves in my opinion. What makes them better than everyone else? I think it’s because they’ve ever been punched right in the mouth before.

    As for the Tiger Woods deal… I don’t blame his wife for being angry. I would be too. He made his life and family seem so wonderful from interviews and inspirational commercials. I’ve realized now to never trust someone who says their life is picture perfect. The ones who do are always the ones hiding something completely scandalous.

    • I don’t think it matters what we think of his life, or of anyone’s life. And if that comment from Charlie of Melb was ok to publish, can you imagine the crud that wasn’t? That’s what worries me more – people who think their misogynistic opinions are perfectly fine to send in to a major news website and no doubt be annoyed when they aren’t published.

  4. The only enjoyment I take from this story is the delicious irony that his car was bashed with a golf club. do you reckon he was yelling ‘ noooooooo not the 3 wood’

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