Saddling up the PETA pony

PETA is quite the one-trick pony, isn’t it? Someone once suggested they get female celebrities to pose naked for their ads – and use naked and semi-naked women in their activism – and they’ve stuck with it for years.

The latest is in today’s Daily Telegraph: Joanna Krupa’s a naked angel in PETA’s latest ad to the Catholic League’s disgust. (SEO really ruins the art of headline writing, doesn’t it?) In the ad, Krupa is completely nude, with a large cross covering her nipples and vulva.

According to critics, Krupa’s photo, which includes the line “Be an Angel for Animals. Always Adopt. Never Buy,” is exploitative of Christian symbols.

Funny that the Catholic League is offended by the use of the cross and angel wings, but not the nudity. But then, they’ve never been big on treating women as equals.

The problem with PETA is they’re hypocrites. They’re saying ‘Don’t view animals as tasty meat’ while presenting women as tasty meat. And if you have to resort to using naked women to get your message across, then maybe there’s something wrong with your message.

And since I’ve got your eyeballs, I also want to saddle up my anti-schoolgirl high horse because is running a Herald Sun story about the rape of two girls. The standfirst:

POLICE release images of gang wanted over the brutal pack rape of two teenage schoolgirls.

Teenage schoolgirls, eh? The only way that could tick more Dude Nation erotic boxes is if they’d been “underaged teen schoolgirls”. The whole “schoolgirl” thing when reporting sex crimes really bugs me because it’s sexualising the victims. But maybe I’m just as bad as the people who looked at the Noah Cyrus Halloween outfit and saw something sexy. Argh! Am I just being a dirty perve?

Update: Nah, it’s not me, it’s them. The type of guy who lives in Dude Nation goes “phwoooaaar” over the idea of schoolgirls. Incidentally, the other day I saw three schoolgirls doing the schoolgirl look and it was wrong, wrong, wrong.

One response to “Saddling up the PETA pony

  1. I was sooo happy to read this post I have so often been outraged by PETA’s fucking bullshit campaigns. I thought the ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’ thing was a one-off. But then they held a press conference with Pamela Anderson and for some unknown reason she was naked. They’re not even trying to find reasons now to show naked women. I mean at least the previous fur slogan kind of made sense as to why the women were naked.

    I couldn’t care less about the Catholic Church being outraged. Though I’m sure that was PETA’s goal – to piss off some group into getting them coverage.

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