All women can do is clean

Well, that’s according to the Sydney Morning Herald today: Labor women’s lot: now clean up the mess:

REFLECTING on Kristina Keneally’s ascension to the premiership, a senior Labor figure yesterday summed up the party’s attitude to female leaders: ”The Labor Party are arseholes. We get ourselves into trouble and then we try to use women to get ourselves out of it.”

Labor has a history over the past 20 years of abruptly installing female premiers to act as circuit-breakers in a crisis, plastering the illusion of a fresh face on a tired and unpopular government. But voters see through the ploy, and ultimately good candidates are sacrificed in the subsequent electoral drubbing meted out to Labor.

Perhaps a better headline would have been ‘Labor women’s lot: it’s up to you to save us’. Anything would be better than a reference to housework.

4 responses to “All women can do is clean

  1. I particularly like the reference to ‘once the novelty of being a woman has worn off’. Didn’t realise being a woman made you a novelty …like we have flowers that squirt water, red noses or big shoes… no wait that’s a clown – I always get them confused. The temporary nature of wearing off is funny too like one day we will wake up as a man and that whole 35 years of being a woman was just a novelty.

  2. Its a phase Lexy, you’ll get over it

  3. like barramundi – I recently find out that they can just switch genders when they feel like it and so can parrot fish and clown fish. see what 5 days in Queensland will teach you!

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