Abbott makes me nervous

You know that feeling that there’s something really important you need to remember, but can’t? I’ve had that feeling for a week about Tony Abbott, and after reading Still Life With Cat, I finally remembered: Chloe Martin’s research on politicians at Beware of the God.

Abbott is connected to the anti-abortion, anti-stem cell research, anti-gay rights National Civic Council, and the anti-abortion, anti-gay rights Australian Christian Lobby, and the anti-abortion, single mothers shouldn’t have rights, and homosexuality is a psychiatric disorder Endeavour Forum. According to their website:

Endeavour Forum was set up to counter feminism, defend the unborn and the traditional family. (“A feminist is an evolutionary anachronism, a Darwinian blind alley”.)

Their aim is to create a society “in which married women with children can work or not work in paid employment as they choose”. That sounds a little bit feminist to me. But shush, don’t tell the Endeavour Forum that.

Tony Abbott as Liberal leader is making me very nervous.

Update: Kate Barnsley has a great piece in today’s New Matilda on why some women don’t trust Tony Abbott. Here’s a sample:

Actually this is not just an issue for women. We should all find this troubling. Of course, we should be unhappy that in a country where state and church are separate a man would let himself be led in his role as minister for health by his responsibility to his church first and to his constituents second. But more than Abbott’s position on abortion, which is not unique to him (many politicians including Stephen Conroy voted against removing ministerial veto of RU486), we should be concerned that he would behave in a manner that means that the integrity of his role is compromised by his religious position.

10 responses to “Abbott makes me nervous

  1. I am still so out-raged.

  2. So is the Endeavour Forum trying to tell me that I’m a genetic dead end and that’s the reason why my ex left me and married a woman who injects botulism into her face?

    I always thought it was because he was a selfish sh*thead, but apparently feminism has made me blind to the fact that men somehow have the ability to conduct psychic genetic testing… strange he didn’t use this ability in the 12 1/2 years we were together before I got pregnant…

    I’m going to go and feed my genetic dead end some rice bubbles now before I got to work….

    • Geez Lissy, get with the program. All feminists are genetic dead ends because, um, we don’t reproduce. Or something. I do think it’s pretty funny that they’ve framed their anti-feminist goal in feminist language – about a woman’s right to choose. I guess if they said their aim was to make sure all women were married stay-at-home breeders who did all the housework, they’d get in trouble.

  3. I refer you to your previous blog ‘things that shit me’ – Tony Abbott shits me.

    I agree; put him out in front and let his own party and the Government white ant him. He is NOT representative of most voters including a good majority of Liberal voters and dragging Julie Bishop along for every photo shoot is NOT going to convince women to vote for him.

    Have a look back in July’s media there was a big article on him and his desire to overturn the no fault divorce laws – so we can have a return to the 50’s, miserable marriages and PIs getting rich as couples set up fake affairs just to get their divorce through.

    Tell you what though; he is hogging the media with his ‘tough on everything’ combative approach. That will wear thin pretty quickly.

    • I remember that article about wanting to get rid of no-fault divorce. Surely hating each other is a good enough reason for divorce? But no, old People Skills would prefer people be miserable.

  4. Plus what a childish ideal to assume one person is to blame for a relationship breakdown. It basically makes divorce all about affairs when we know relationships break down for 100s of reasons generally evenly spread across both partners…except mine of course I have been a faultless angel through them all – its not my fault that they were all bonkers!

    • Well, in some cases it is just the fault of one person (hello Tiger Woods), but as you said, there are many reasons why relationships don’t work. Abbott’s view also assumes that the only thing someone can do wrong in a marriage is have an affair or beat their partner up.

  5. Well precisely – when there are sooooo many other heinous crimes…. like remote hogging and unnecessary channel hopping 🙂

    Speaking of Tiger – its not news please take off my TV and out of newspapers. Save it for the gossip mags, where it belongs.

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