There’s a Tiger in my news

I know the mainstream Australian news sites did cover it, but Tiger Woods having an affair shouldn’t have interested them. It’s tabloid stuff. But Tiger Woods having 12 affairs is newsworthy. So, where’s the point at which it changes from one to the other? Does five affairs make it newsworthy? Four? Anyone?

3 responses to “There’s a Tiger in my news

  1. i must say i was completely disinterested until it became farcical! i really dont care what people in the public eye do in their private time..

    but 12!!

    in answer to your question.. i have no idea..

    i am awaiting your post about the toyota ads though 🙂

    • Exactly. It’s news now because it’s so ridiculous, but I can’t work out the point at which it should have gone from tabloid to mainstream.

      Ah, the Toyota ad. I think it’s silly, but I’m not offended by it. I actually thought it was going to suggest that owning a Yaris meant he wouldn’t get laid… I’m more offended by the fact that EVERY toilet cleaner ad features a woman.

  2. so am i!! i clean the toilets in my household.. AND i choose the brand of stuff i stick in there.. why wont they make ads that appeal to me as well..

    ho hum

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