Toyota 1, journalists 0

If an ad was posted on YouTube and no journos watched it, would it be news?

In my earlier post, Phatman asked me what I thought of the new Toyota Yaris ad. Stories about it are in prominent places on,,,,,, but strangely, not

Anyway, I’m not going to post the clip here, but it features a guy joking with a girl’s father about taking her virginity out, giving her a pounding, and blah blah blah. When the father asks if he has protection and the guy says yes, he’s got a Yaris, I thought it was going to say that a Yaris won’t get you laid, but it will get you from A to B in a fuel-efficient way. Or something. I don’t know anything about cars in general, or the Yaris in particular.

Thing is, I’m not offended by it. It’s just a dumb ad. There’ll be a bit of fuss over it being sexist, and wrong because the father jokes about his daughter’s virginity, and then it will die down. But there’s never any fuss over the fact that every ad for toilet cleaners features a woman. And that’s far worse.

Besides, this ad was meant to go viral, and news sites have played right into their trap by making a big deal out of it.

5 responses to “Toyota 1, journalists 0

  1. I dont think it is sexist, but my jaw was hanging open three quatres of the way through. That never would have made it on the telly. But I guess it was never meant to. You are right about toilet cleaner too. And if I see another ad that talks about buying household appliances for mum for Christmas, I’ll do my nut. Imagine if your partner got you a vacuum cleaner for Christmas or your birthday? I’d hit the roof!

    • Happy Mothers Day Mum. It’s never crossed my mind to think of you as a person, so I thought the best present in the world for you is this vacuum cleaner so you can clean up after my lazy arse.

      Man Friend did give me a retro yellow Kitchenaid mixer for Christmas one year, but that was an awesome present as I’d been drooling over them for ages.

  2. i once bought a popcorn maker in the shape of a dinosaur as a christmas present.. the popasaurus.. i was ridiculed.

    but youre right.. the ad IS meant to go viral.. but seems fairfax have sorted that out for toyota, although i did find it amusing that when you clicked on the smh site to see the controversial yaris ad.. there was an ad for holden!

  3. On a different note – my man friend (I like and shall therefore steal your term unashamedly) bought a brand new car this weekend. First new car ever. When the salesman suggested buying an ex demo model for less money, man friend who was now excited at the prospect of a brand new car turned his nose up. He didn’t realise it at first but it transpires that he wants a car untouched, unpenetrated and not ‘handled’ by another man (or woman for that matter). Maybe this is what the car ad folks knew along – that there is a definitely some kind of connection for men on cars and virginity!

    Ps my spell check just suggested that I change salesman to salesperson. Computer is correct. I have been out PC’d by my PC!

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