Women did not wreck Tiger’s career

I’d like to say ‘one more time for the slow learners’ but I know this won’t be the last time: Women did not get Tiger Woods into trouble. Tiger Woods got Tiger Woods into trouble.

It’s not that hard.

The main pic at smh.com.au:

Ryo Ishikawa

Teen golf star told: Beware women

Japanese teen golf star Ryo Ishikawa, the country’s youngest-ever top earner, has been advised by senior players not to follow the example of scandal-hit Tiger Woods.

Some boring stuff here, then:

“I have nothing much left to tell him. But, well, there is one thing I want to tell Ryo: ‘Beware of women,'” Masashi “Jumbo” Ozaki said, drawing laughter from the floor and Ishikawa.

Yes, I know it was the old golfer saying it to the young golfer, and the journo at smh just used that quote, but at some point the media has to stop peddling this nonsense that men are just weak creatures who are lead astray by women. (Don’t get me started on women being called homewreckers when married men have affairs. It was the man who wrecked his home.)

10 responses to “Women did not wreck Tiger’s career

  1. no no, it is not about men being weak (or more correctly about portraying and forgiving men as weak), it is about women being Trouble (yes that’s right with a capital T). Now the men could resist us but its just that we are so damned wiley and beguiling that we corrupt even the most innocent and strong. I think it has something to do with nudity, snakes and shiny red apples.

  2. Poor widdle billionare sportsmen. They just cant hewp whemselves 😦

  3. sneaky vaginas – dont forget sneaky, manipulative and occasionally evil!

  4. malicious vaginas!

  5. Tall flange is malicious?
    Sorry, this is getting farcical, feel free to edit me off your page for this one.

  6. Maybe that’s why Tiger ‘flew the coop’? Too many falcons!

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