Flogging a dead Tiger

Anyone ever heard of Ron Artest? He’s an American basketballer, but even Man Friend hasn’t heard of him. Anyway, Artest said on his website that Tiger Woods was the perfect role model, but really, who gives a fuck? He’s hardly well known in Australia, yet smh.com.au has the story up as their main image: Tiger ‘the perfect role model for me and my sons’. Artest also said the media is out to get Tiger. And you know what? I agree with him. The SMH is flogging this story to death. Even News Ltd sites aren’t going as hard. Why?

2 responses to “Flogging a dead Tiger

  1. HITRATE!! its all about trying to make money surely..

    as for news ltd not going so hard at it.. perhaps the integrity of their journalism is turning a corner


    • Well, the push for page impressions explains the difference between the Herald’s website and newspaper, but maybe there’s something else behind it? After all, they seem to have someone there who HATES Madonna and uses every opportunity to stick the boot in. As for News Ltd, maybe their online editors pay more attention to their readers, since the majority of comments were along the lines of this isn’t news/leave him alone/who cares. If you simply looked at the hit rate, you’d think readers loved the story.

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