Charlie Sheen and cowards who hit women

In today’s Daily Mail: The vengeful wives who want to wipe the floor with Mr Sheen. The way they’ve included a housework reference while implying they’re nasty bitches is almost impressive. (Although isn’t it odd that vengeance is about justified retribution, but ‘vengeful wives’ doesn’t sound like the payback is justified?)

Anyway, back to the Daily Mail:

Amid the fake snow of a ritzy farmer’s market favoured by health conscious locals in the Los Angeles suburb of Brentwood, two tanned blondes are lunching on salad and designer water.

To the casual observer it is familiar scene – a couple of young mums sharing gossip about husbands, children and shopping.

But it is an image likely to send a chill down the spine of the man who, for most of this two-hour, pre-Christmas lunch date, has been virtually the only subject of the pair’s hushed conversation.

The two women are Denise Richards (Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife) and Brooke Mueller (no doubt also soon Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife). But it’s not until we get to the SEVENTH paragraph that there’s any mention of Sheen being thrown in jail:

All of which can only add to the problems facing the actor, who spent Christmas in jail after allegedly attacking wife number three, Miss Mueller, in a drunken rage.

He also allegedly held a knife to her throat. But no, the Daily Mail thinks the two women are more of a problem for Sheen. It’s not the first time he’s bashed a woman. (And as I write this, I’ve just been with a friend who has taken out a restraining order against her ex because he beat her black and blue, and I’m fantasising about giving him an earful in front of his mates about how he’s a coward who hits women. AND the fuckstick is involved with the White Ribbon campaign. I want to punch his lights out, but using violence to make my anti-violence point would be a tad hypocritical.)

The caption on Sheen’s mugshot:

Charlie Sheen: The highest paid actor on US television is said to be ‘panic stricken’ that his wives might conspire to bring him down.

No Charlie, your downfall is your own doing.

22 responses to “Charlie Sheen and cowards who hit women

  1. Down with Charlie Sheen.

  2. “To the casual observer it is familiar scene – a couple of young mums sharing gossip about husbands, children and shopping.”

    hmm..because that is ALL women (or mums) talk about!

  3. michellefrommadison

    The plea likely doesn’t reflect whether his wife provoked and deserved the lesson.

  4. michellefrommadison

    Nope. 🙂

    • I think you should explain what you mean, because from where I’m sitting it sounds like you’re saying she deserved to be hit, and that hitting someone is how you teach them a lesson.

  5. michellefrommadison

    Maybe she did deserve the treatment, haven’t heard her say it didn’t happen. But knowing she too was sleeping around does present an environment that could substantiate the situation. Maybe Charlie was just defending himself as she attacked him and later he simply pleaded to an offense he never did just to put the issue to rest. Things like that happen all the time.

    • Ok, I’ve approved your comment, but only just. And I may change my mind again. No one deserves being hit to be “taught a lesson”, and violence is never ok in a relationship. Ever.

    • Things like that happen all the time?
      Evidence to substantiate that claim at all?

      Oh and I know this is one that you deleted News, but uh, I was doing a couple of psych units for a while and was considering law for the longest time & I have to say, man I am fucking glad my psychologists and psychiatrists are not like you.
      I probably would have killed myself from all of your victim blaming bullshit. Which your comments fucking REEK of by the way.

  6. michellefrommadison

    I agree, but maybe his wife should not have created a situation where violence could emerge or flourish. I suspect Charlie would never hit a women unless he was defending himself, and with her running around and sleeping around, maybe it just all caught up to her. Hopefully she learned from this, and it does sound like she might have learned from it because she didn’t even want to press any charges. Good for her.

    • Do you know Charlie Sheen personally, then? Your whole comment is incredibly offensive – you are blaming the victim. You’re saying it’s her fault she got hit because she created a situation where he could hit her. What situation would that be, exactly? Being alive? Breathing? Living in the same house as her husband? I suggest you find somewhere else to hang out, because you’re not welcome here.

  7. michellefrommadison

    No, I do not personally know Charlie Sheen and no, my comment is not offensive to anyone who understands both Law and Psychology. I have never blamed the victim as you so incorrectly claim. I have, however, pointed out that regardless of a plea or not, there may actually be more fault on the part of the wife’s actions which may have contributed and resulted in a physical altercation where the instigator of the situation has not yet been identified. Charlie may very well have responded quite appropriately, since the wife didn’t even want to press any charges. When one only deals with the facts of the case and not the emotions as you are, it remains quite clear that Charlie may have responded appropriately to the situation he was confronted with.

    • Backpeddle all you like, but you did indeed blame the victim. You said she created a situation where he could hit her. Violence is never an answer. There are many reasons why a woman wouldn’t press charges against her husband – fear of him, fear for the children, believing him when he says again that he’ll never do it again…

    • Well, like I said in an earlier comment Michelle from Madison, I *do* understand law & psychology and I can still see your victim blaming for exactly what it is. Victim blaming. How very condescending of you.

  8. michellefrommadison

    I have never backpedaled on anything, I just don’t automatically accept the wife’s version automatically just because she may have claimed to be the victim in a situation that appears she may have been the instigator of. She may have gotten off pretty easy.

    • Then maybe you need to think about the language you use. For starters, “maybe his wife should not have created a situation where violence could emerge or flourish” is blaming the victim. You then gave reasons why (you think) it’s ok for him to hit her. You also said “I suspect Charlie would never hit a women unless he was defending himself” as though you know him personally. Then you said “Hopefully she learned from this, and it does sound like she might have learned from it because she didn’t even want to press any charges. Good for her” – the silly bitch learned her lesson, beating was a success.

      It’s not about automatically taking sides. Violence in a relationship is never ok.

  9. michellefrommadison

    Hopefully she won’t attack Charlie or cause another disruption again if that is what took place. We can only pray she learned a lesson if she was truly the instigator in this domestic. Sounds like she might have. And, yes, you should not blame the victim, he only did what he needed to do out of necessity from a situation that may have been created by herself. To blame and further victimize a victim is wrong, imo.

    • Enough. This is ridiculous. I understand the woman in your avatar thing is Nancy Grace, an American victims’ rights activist and former prosecutor, and you think she should die because you feel she has wronged you in some way. Since you’re all over the internet saying Nancy Grace should be murdered – which is what “Nancy Grace must die” actually means – it’s little surprise you think violence is a good way to teach someone a lesson. But guess what? This is my blog, and I’ve decided that you’re not welcome here because you’re full of shit and you just want to fight. Goodbye.

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