News fail

Check out the main image at

The text under the image says: “TV personality and model Tila Tequila has asked for privacy after repeatedly Tweeting about the death of her 30-year-old fiancee, Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson”

Vaguely famous woman asks for privacy over lover’s death. Lesbians! Twitter! Heiress! Death! Wow, this story has everything. Including some nasty comments being published by the moderator. I’d hate to see the ones that weren’t published.

Why do I think this story is a news fail? Because it’s nasty. Tila Tequila isn’t well known in Australia. Maybe her show was on pay tv here, who knows. But the only reason this story was used as a main pic is because it has Lesbians! Twitter! Heiress! Death! And because readers would say nasty things about her.

2 responses to “News fail

  1. Tequila has gotten a lot of press in the US. Not necessarily deserved, but she’s had it. Recently she announced she was pregnant, then clarified that she would ONE DAY be pregnant & serve as a surrogate for her brother. In the process, she got the headlines to read “Tila pregnant with brother’s baby.” She’s a media hag I think.

    • But do you think that warrants mocking her (on an Australian website) because her lover has died? And publishing comments saying she’s “nasty”? I’m not saying that journalists have to be nice, but there’s a big difference between entertainment reporting and what this article is.

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