Liquorice allsorts

From today’s Daily Telegraph: Lesbian Tila Tequila tells Twitter she may be pregnant after losing Casey Johnson:

TILA Tequila, the crazed lesbian lover of the late heiress Casey Johnson has posted a series of messages on her Twitter page hinting she is pregnant.

Damn those crazed lesbians.

From the Sydney Morning Herald: Home alone: mainly male, middle aged and struggling:

FROM sad-sack widows to young and sexy city dwellers, the image of people who live alone has flip-flopped over the years.

Sad-sack widows? Adele Horin, I expect more from you.

On a positive note, this arrived in my inbox from Eureka Street: Best of 2009: Breastfeeding is not obscene:

Or, to put it more bluntly: is female nakedness culturally acceptable only when it is aimed exclusively at the arousal and satisfaction of men?

The reaction from some quarters to the Salma Hayek story seems to reinforce this hypothesis. As a presenter on the American talk show The Young Turks remarked, ‘I wanted to be turned on by her breasts, but in that context I just couldn’t do it.

Any this from Rita Panahi in the Herald Sun: Nude logic is flawed:

Here’s the bottom line. A nude Hawkins will certainly sell magazines but the shoot would have never caused controversy if the editor hadn’t seriously misjudged the intelligence of the average woman by suggesting that the exposure of Hawkins’s flawless body would somehow reduce eating disorders among girls desperate to look like her.

4 responses to “Liquorice allsorts

  1. Re: nude Hawkins
    I don’t know Kimbo, the photo on the cover of the magazine I saw today (at the hairdressers) was less than perfect. Yes she’s got a great figure, as she should have as a professional ‘clothes horse’, who makes substantial money by making fashion look good and we know clothes hang better on a smaller frame, but there was definitely some cellulite on her thigh, which was reassuring to see. Good on her for having the courage to be photographed nude and for making some sort of statement, whether it worked or not, she got some folk talking and discussing body image at least. So hats (and suspenders) off to her. Nice blog by the way Kim.

    • Thanks! It’s a good point about her looking great because it’s her job to look great, but are we looking at this through the eyes and confidence of thirty-something-year-old women? I reckon my teenage self would be pretty hard on herself seeing those photos. As for clothes looking better on a smaller frame, check out these photos at Corpulent. In this whole marie claire business, I’m really annoyed that Hawkins copped all the blame, rather than the editor Jackie Frank.

  2. Hi, I’ve never been into reading magazines either and I’ve always been comfortable with the way I’ve looked. And I’ve never identified myself with a celebrity or model, I know it’s rare, maybe it reflects the earthy Aussie country way of being bought up and the fact that we could never afford magazines anyway and back when we were young there wasn’t this ‘celebrity’ culture, we sort of tended to get on with our own lives a bit more. The smaller frame is from personal experience, my clothes always hung better pre-pregnancy than they do now at 30ks extra and full term, but that’s because I need a change of clothes as I’m still trying to squeeze into those old ones. I just wanted to make the point that actually when I saw the photo on the cover in the hairdressers it was less than perfect on her leg and I thought, wow she also has that, that’s good to see, nothing more, nothing less. I’m not really up with the debate and I hope she also doesn’t care less about the comments as she made the choice, did the shoot and it’s nice to see an original photo. When I was looking into doing some pregnancy shots all the photographers were quoting to do photoshop and ‘air-brushing’ the photos to clean them up, it seems quite standard as is throwing in hair and makeup as part of the package. So it’s good she/editor/both or whoever said, actually lets just take some photos (for whatever motive).

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