Feminists are to blame for everything

If you’re angry and you need to feel really fucking angry, read this: Feminist gulag: No prosecution necessary.

According to Stephen Baskerville, there are a lot of rapists in prison in the US not because they raped someone and got caught, but because those damn feminists made rape a “newfangled sexual crime”.

He also thinks fathers shouldn’t have to pay child support if the marriage ends, and that feminists are to blame when children of single-parent households end up in jail.

We will continue to fight a losing battle against crime, incarceration, and expansive government power until we confront the sexual ideology that is driving not only family breakdown and the ensuing social anomie, but the criminalization of the male population.

Who knew feminists were so powerful?

9 responses to “Feminists are to blame for everything

  1. its the blame Germaine game!

    • Strangely, he didn’t mention Germaine. Maybe because she’s to blame for everything in Australia and the UK, but America has other prominent feminists who ruined everything for men, what with their making rape a crime and insisting they be treated like humans, not second class citizens.

  2. yeah but Dworkin and Mackinnon don’t rhyme as well as Germaine šŸ˜‰

  3. Why, oh why, did I read the comments?

  4. Tried to read this guys piece and frankly it was kind of like the unabombers manifesto, rambling, hysterical and incoherent. PS I really don’t like Greer not because of her feminism but for such doozies as stating that nature had murdered a prominent environmentalist out of revenge and for looking down her nose at her homeland generally. She is a snob and a moron.

    • Tut tut, Former Young Liberal, no name calling here. (Although I’ve broken that rule a few times, so just don’t make a habit of it.)

      I often disagree with Greer – the Irwin and Di comments were nasty – and I’ll never understand why she went on Celebrity Big Brother, but she often says things that are spot on. And I do like my public thinkers to be entertaining.

      • True, for an entertaining look at her young career read Clive James’ Falling Towards England. She is known as Romaine Rand in the book. Chauvanist warning on James however.

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