Quick hit

In today’s Daily Telegraph: Women at sex attack risk in taxis:

TAXI drivers are sexually assaulting women and getting away with it, with not one driver charged over serious allegations during the past two years.

That first sentence is great – the focus is on the people doing the crime, and what is happening to them (nothing). Pity the headline doesn’t reflect that.

Update: Check out Mark Chou’s piece in Online Opinion: The marine who wanted more:

In particular, I’m thinking of the insidious links between military presence, militarism and the emergence of a local sex industry to serve it. Whatever Campbell’s letter says about his own views on women, it carries with it the broader undertone that women are there to please, to attract men – perhaps especially military servicemen like himself enjoying their downtime in Darwin.

2 responses to “Quick hit

  1. I didn’t like Mark Chou’s piece. I thought he missed the point – which is that no one has the right to tell women how to dress and suggest that provocative dress confuses men – its back to the ‘she was asking for it’ line again and makes excuses for men again. Not to mention all that judgemental ‘nice girls’ bullshit and that all women want to do is find a nice man. This is what was wrong with the letter. I also think he gave kudos to a fake story . I am not denying the military sex trade stuff but I think if that was what he wanted to talk about he shouldn’t have used this fake story as a way to get to that message, he could have made his point better.

    • I thought it was good that a man was criticising the letter, because it’s usually women who have to point out how offensive attitudes like Campbell’s are, and that means our point gets dismissed by quite a few people – oh, it’s those angry feminists complaining again. That the letter was fake is irrevelant because it got major news coverage. Whether or not Campbell exists, it was still written by someone having a go at women who dress “like sluts” and send “mixed messages”. And Mark Chou’s piece is the only one I saw in response to it.

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