Paul Sheehan’s bodice ripper

Paul Sheehan’s piece in the Sydney Morning HeraldThe ABC of seduction: how Mr Darcy depends on damsels – made me feel dirty. And not in the good way. He compares the “seduction of Annabel Crabb” to a Jane Austen heroine, as though she was defenceless against Mark Scott’s advances, and makes her move from Fairfax to the ABC rather tawdry, as though maybe they were even shagging and it’s his baby she’s about to have:

At first Crabb ignored the advances of this would-be tempter, this modern Mr Darcy. She was non-responsive to offers of greater wealth. She pointed out she was pregnant, and that she loved to write for a living. None of this dissuaded Mr Darcy, who offered still greater blandishments. The pressure began to build.

I’ve never been a fan of Paul Sheehan’s opinion pieces. He has a way of writing about women that he thinks will put us in our place without us even noticing. That’s how smart he thinks he is.

One can only imagine the amount of profligate and shocking sitting down together by Ms Crabb and Mr Darcy. So the slow and expensive seduction took place, leaving Mr Darcy, also known as Mark Scott, managing director of the ABC, to rejoice in extracting Crabb from her Fairfax family. Victory came at a price: about $250,000 a year, all underwritten by the Australian taxpayer.

Sounds like Sheehan is just pissed off that he wasn’t wooed by the ABC. And how’s this for offensive:

Now we know why he wanted her so badly. He needed her to opine, report, interview, quip, tweet, blog and otherwise flog the new 24-hour ABC news channel he announced last week. He already had an appealing woman of consequence to help launch this new network, Leigh Sales, but he knew that two cerebral bombshells is so much more than one.

He then goes on to get an erection over Fox News in the US, sticks the boot into all left-wing media, and says the ABC will become a ratings failure. Or something.

2 responses to “Paul Sheehan’s bodice ripper

  1. you are right , he’s just jealous!

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