Tony Abbott is a hypocrite

Tony Abbott is using the celebration of a day in which boatloads of people arrived in Australia as punishment to have a go at those who now choose to move here. He is making me feel increasingly uneasy. Can you imagine if he was PM?

In his speech at the Australia Day Council he said “some recent immigrants seem resistant to Australian notions of equality”. This from a man who wants to control women’s reproductive systems. Equality? Fuck off.

8 responses to “Tony Abbott is a hypocrite

  1. I am constantly surprised that Tony can still sit in moral righteousness on the sanctity of marriage, child rearing and all things holy and reverent.

    Have people forgotten about the long lost ‘illegitimate’ child that he ran out on when younger (that Canberra journo must be eternally grateful the paternity test came back false). Where was his sense of morality and duty then? Nowhere to be seen…he just legged it. Talk about your ‘dead beat dad’, to use a Daily Tele’ism. He can dismiss it as the errors of youth all he likes but it shows his true selfish, untrustworthy, dishonourable and hypocritical character doesn’t it. Have you ever read any of the on line bios on him – it’s scary. He is hideous and will never ever be PM!

    • I’m not surprised that he’s keeping his moral righteousness sitting place all nice and warm, but I am surprised that so many people still listen to him. And while I hope with every cell in my body that he never becomes PM, I do think he’s in with a chance. A lot of people like him.

  2. not as much as they like K Rudd!

  3. The thing about Tony Abbott (and I am not a fan) is that at least we have a sense of who he is, and can decide as voters if we like him.

    These days so many politcians are so metered and controlled its hard to get their personal veiws on anything. Even though I dont like his values, i credit him with more transparency than others….Buyer beware if you will.

    • Hi Anna, welcome aboard. It’s true that we get a sense of who he is. My fear is that he lets his personal beliefs dictate his professional life (hello RU486) and for that reason, I can’t trust him.

  4. His bigotry maybe reasonably transparent, but he is as slippery and untrustworthy as any politician out there – just look at how he took the leadership. I like my politicians ‘controlled and measured’ it means they make considered judgements that work towards consensus rather than rash, hasty or emotional (or worse faith based) decisions or backlashes to talkback radio. Mind you, Tony will just do what Cardinal Pell tells him to do (as we all know he is a beacon of humanity).

  5. what botheres me most is that his deliberate attempt to hijack teh media means that his opinions get airtime and start debates…eg immigration.

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