Abbott, Gillard and Brandis

Tony Abbott isn’t an idiot. He’s a politician, he was talking to a journalist from a national magazine and he knew exactly how his comment about a young woman’s virginity would be reported. And it’s a pretty safe guess that he knew Julia Gillard would pull him up on it, and that some sexist pig like George Brandis would remind everyone of Heffernan’s “deliberately barren” bullshit. It’s a big fat lie for him to claim afterwards that he was just talking about his daughters. And shame on Abbott for using his daughters for political gain. Quite frankly, it’s creepy and a MASSIVE invasion of their privacy for him to be talking about their virginity with a journalist. How mortifying for those girls and I hope they kick his arse.

For the best slap-down, check out A shiny new coin: Every time Abbott speaks a butterfly dies.

And check out Gabriella Coslovich’s piece in The Age: Memo Abbott: Virginity debate is no man’s land:

The comment both fetishes a woman’s virginity and reduces her value to the presence of a hymen, to the unpenetrated state of her vagina. Why is that the greatest gift a woman can give someone? What about her mind? Her actions? Dare I say it, her soul? If I were one of Abbott’s daughters I would be furious to have my value reduced to the state of my hymen. Is that really the greatest gift you can give? And if it is, what does this say about relationships between men and women? It’s a pretty superficial exchange.

Thanks to Deborah at Larvatus Prodeo for this clanger from Abbott:

“I think we are talking about younger professional women, essentially, who, for perfectly good reasons, don’t want to be told by anyone else how they should live their lives.”

Damn those young professional women wanting to be in charge of their own lives. I’m sure Abbott thinks it’s just a rebellious phase young women go through as they move from having their parents control their lives to having their husbands do it.

Also, I’d like to point out to the many idiots who commented on news sites yesterday that Julia Gillard did not say that young women should have sex with anything that moves. She said: “Australian women want to make their own choices and they don’t want to be lectured to by Mr Abbott.”

Which brings me to George Brandis. He seems to think that only parents are qualified to talk about families. So, does this mean that only an Indigenous person can be Minister for Indigenous Affairs? That only a professional sporter can be Minister for Sport? That only people who have tried drugs can work in drug policy? Actually, that’s not such a bad idea. Would get some diversity in Parliament.

9 responses to “Abbott, Gillard and Brandis

  1. I read this quote from one of your links by Tony on Tony (his erstwhile favourite subject) about who doesn’t like him:

    “Look, we are all just guesstimating here because we don’t have this kind of sophisticated polling, but I suspect that [what] we are talking about here is a woman of a certain age, in a certain line of work.”

    I actually snorted, aloud in the office. But then again I am a woman of a certain age in a certain line of work and the closest I can claim to be a virgin is a phone network supplied by Richard Branson.

  2. I loved Coslovich’s piece and quote about fetishising (?) virginity. Made me think we should have a blog event called “loosing it: greatest gift or just a fuck?”

    I’m still reeling though, that this is even a topic for conversation in the 21st century. Marriage? Virginity? The state of a girl’s hymen? Please Tony, may your idiocy cause a resurgence of feminist consciousness in Australia, then I’d find some point to all this twaddle.

    As for his daughters – I bet there’s now a bounty on their hymens. Poor things, they are going to be hounded relentlessly into revealing whether they’ve squandered their greatest gift as yet and if not there’s probably a prize for the bloke who plucks their (unmarried) cherry.

    • I know. What an arsehole dad. Which is why his whole ‘just saying this as a parent who cares’ thing is complete bollocks. If my dad started talking about my virginity in a fucking national magazine, knowing full well that his comments would be plastered across every newspaper and news site in the country – and I’m now 33 and as Lexy says, the only virgin here is supplied by Richard Branson – I’d be horrified, so I can only imagine what his teenaged daughters are thinking right now. He used them. Just like the men he warned them about.

  3. my facebook ststus yesterday was:

    “like most people with a capacity for critical thought and a vagina (and the 2 are not mutually exclusive) I hate Tony Abbott.”

    nuff said

  4. Actually I got a response (several actually) to my status and one was to not give him or his views airtime, something I have personally espoused and then there I am breaking my own rule! Silly me. Bet if I was a virgin that wouldn’t have happened.

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