Psychology, motivation and singing badly

In a few weeks I go back to uni. I’m starting my doctorate, with the most definitely delusional aim of being Dr News with Nipples in three years.

So I’ve made a list. I love a good list. I’m not as bad as my friend the twin, who makes lists of the lists she has to make. That’s a whole level of listiness that I’m not game enough to reach. My list – The List – is about turning the spare room (junk room) into somewhere conducive to a zillion hours of research. Currently, the room has a desk (covered in papers), two overflowing bookcases, a tall boy filled with books, a lovely wooden filing cabinet filled with Man Friend’s uni notes (from many many years ago), bottles of wine in boxes, assorted boxes, and a chair covered in articles that seemed like a good idea to keep, uni notes from my Masters (which I finished in 2008, mind you), Man Friend’s current uni notes, a foam and fabric stomach-small-intestine-large-intestine combo I made for a costume party (you had to go as something starting with P, so I was a post-mortem) and a dusty blanket. The aim is to move half of this crap into the new junk room, aka the attic, aka the dusty space in the roof that’s really unpleasant to be in.

I wrote The List this morning. It’s now 1pm. Have I done any of it? Of course not. I’ve danced around the house, singing out of tune to the Magnetic Fields (“Zelda looks lonely, I want a zebra”), read the paper and had two cups of tea. And lunch.

Late last year, I stumbled onto a blog post by a girl in Melbourne, about the transferable list – the list that goes from week to week in your diary without any of it getting done. (I can’t remember the name of the blog, so if anyone knows, please add a link). On her list was cleaning the windows. Once I commented that it was also on my list, I went off to clean them. (Do guys ever think about this stuff?)

So, my theory today is that by writing about it, I’ll get off my arse and finish sorting the room. Does it work if you’re doing it on purpose?

Update: I’m now organising our books by genre. Talk about procrastination.

7 responses to “Psychology, motivation and singing badly

  1. just get up in the attic young lady.

    • Um, no. Not allowed. It’s a storage area for dust and I’m allergic to dust mites.

      And I’m making chocolate gelato. And have the vanilla ice cream churning. I’ve been sidetracked.

  2. i make lists and then promptly ignore them.
    I think ‘procrastinate’ is on my list for today.

  3. I haven’t ignored that to do item though. I think it might be time to go home.

  4. “I’ve got so many tchotchkes, I’ve practically emptied the looooouvre…”

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