Tampons, but no iPad jokes

At my local pharmacy the tampons, pads and liners are next to the bandaids and it annoys the hell out of me. I know it shouldn’t. After all, both exist to stop blood getting on your clothes. Maybe it’s because they’re near the Elastoplast – man, that shit is creepy. Something about the brownness of it, and the way the edges curl up and get dirty. It’s like nails down a chalkboard.

Periods are not an injury. A vagina is not a wound (enough you lot, I know the jokes). Therefore, tampons, pads and liners shouldn’t be next to the bandaids and Dettol. Mind you, today there was a special on Trix washing up liquid, on display next to the tampons, which was a nice douche-while-washing-up touch.

17 responses to “Tampons, but no iPad jokes

  1. I think in most stores, almost every feminine hygiene aisle is “mixed in” with something else… I swear they purposely put some “masculine” items in there just to mess with people’s heads. I remember in one of the stores by my house, on one side they had the pads/tampons and on the other, men’s deodorant. Now I understand that those items might actually be purchased by a female-member of the household, but the likelihood is I would assume a guy likes to buy his own stuff like that. I wonder how their sales are to men because they usually avoid that aisle like there’s an active plague going on in there. If they don’t, then it probably makes the women around him uneasy as well.

    I don’t think most stores “think” of where the place items, perhaps it was an order handed down by the franchise owners, store-practice or whatever, but I’ve seen some poorly placed FH aisles with other completely unrelated things. Then again, I couldn’t really care less since wander up and down those aisles is very familiar for me. I must say, I just thought of something brilliant (or so I presume)… if I ever owned a store, I’d place chocolate and other craving-related foods next to my pads/tampons aisle!

  2. Bi lo puts them between the nappies and the tupperware – its the woman zone obviously.

    They should put them next to the medication!

  3. Bottle stores should start selling them.
    I always assumed that in supermarkets they were just with the other bathroom stuff. Cant say I have ever noticed that they are too close to other blood related items.
    My ex boyfriend (lets call him ‘Smelliott’) is terrified of the feminine hygeine aisle.
    His mum (lets call her, ‘Evil nazi dragon lady’) sent him to get her some tampons once, and after perusing the selection for the right type/size/brand he found them up on a high shelf and then managed to pull a wall of tampons down on him self.
    Apparently he ran screaming from the store, which is a mental picture that always make me cry laughing (he is 6’4 and built like a brick shit house). I can just see him; flappy arms, high pitched shrill, running out the supermarket with the scary tampons raining down behind him.
    When supermarket shopping together he would just meet me the next aisle over. It’s like there is some kind of ‘penis repelling forcefield’ around aisle six…

  4. my bloke is Ok with buying them too and other items that might make lesser men cringe. But then he has no shame,…eg last night he surreptitiously felt my boob whilst sat on the sofa with me, my mum and dad watching a ‘family’ film. oh the horror!

  5. Was he a little penisve about it?

  6. Penis repelling force-field!! Now I’m going to have to keep that expression in mind, lol. If they did sell chocolate at bars, prepare for overly marked up prices like the alcohol 😛 I found they put the condom section quite closely to the feminine hygiene products.. hrm… I wonder if there’s a relationship between that.

  7. You should also be able to be alternatives to these products alongside them, like re-usable pads and the diva cup etc. I got the latter a while ago and I haven’t looked back since.

    • Exactly. Why should the only options be ones that go to landfill? I’m sure more women would use these pads and cups if they knew about them. When they’re more visible they become normalised. I’m sure when tampons were first on the market, many women thought they were weird.

      (Psst, berryblade, your name isn’t hyperlinking…)

  8. just to emphasise the lack of awareness around these products (and I think I am reasonably aware) but I personally know nothing about reusable pads (erm sounds a bit icky??) and what is a ‘diva cup’…is it a horse race won by Mariah Carey?

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