Feminine testicles

Man Friend’s Facebook friends are playing the urban dictionary game, where you type in your first name and see what you get.

This is what I get:

To smack in the face with testicles, in a decidedly feminine manner

I think I’m in love with my name.

7 responses to “Feminine testicles

  1. Oh, that is just fantastic! According to Urban Dictionary my name is “the most edible female name”. It’s precisely the right balance of weird and suggestive to keep me happy.

    • That’s awesome! The first definition for me is “adorable” which I’m not a fan of. It reminds me of a movie I saw as a kid, that I shouldn’t have been watching because it had boobs in it. Twin-set-and-pearls Mum takes her teenage daughter to get a haircut, and the hairdresser gives the daughter Mum’s cut. She is obviously not impressed.

      Mum: Doesn’t she look adorable?
      Hairdresser: As cute as a button.
      Daughter: Who’d want to fuck a button?

  2. Best. Definition. Ever.

    laughing about fucking a button.

    • Buttons do have two holes. Some even have four. I wish I knew the name of the movie. She went straight home and cut her hair into a crazy spikey thing and then went to the fair and fucked a boy in the grass. Her friend had her boob groped on the rollercoaster.

  3. Oh I like mine! Though it’s not as exciting as yours.

    “Someone who is kick ass in every way.”

    Sounds kind of generic. For such a random name I’m surprised.

    Lol button.

  4. Awww thanks 🙂 That made my night!

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