Can gadgets be green?

I’ve previously blogged about not owning iThings. It’s not that I dislike the company or the technology, but I’m just not a gadget person. Which is why it’s a bit of a surprise to be thinking about getting an e-reader. Probably not an iPad because the name is just too silly for words, but that says more about my sense of humour since I still laugh at Wii.

Call me old-fashioned, but I get the newspaper delivered each morning. News websites take all their copy from the paper and AAP these days, so dead trees are still important. And news websites are so disappointing. They’re completely predictable: sex in the headline (even better if it’s the rape of a teenage girl so the headline can titillate with ‘sex’ and ‘schoolgirl’ even though sexual assault is not sex), a story about how women are shit, a story about a kid getting hurt or killed, something dumb a politician said, check check check check. So much potential, yet they treat audiences like they’re stupid. And you only read the stories you want, whereas I love the process of reading the paper because you get to see everything in it.

The thing that doesn’t sit well with me is the amount of newspaper that ends up in the recycling bin. Yes, some of it goes in the worm farm – and the rubbish we throw out in a week fits into one of those small thin fruit and veg bags, which is pretty good – but still… it’s a lot of paper.

Mind you, I’ll have to wait until they become cheaper – or it comes free with my newspaper subscription – because I bought a money tree but the name is incredibly misleading.

4 responses to “Can gadgets be green?

  1. Thanks. Have always loved the tactile feel of newsprint. Think it will be gone soon, habits change with generations. No problem. You have hit on a great marketing tool. Give the gadget with the subscription.

    • I don’t think newspapers will be gone soon. There are still many digital migrants who prefer to read things on paper, rather than digital natives (the young people) who have grown up reading things on screen. Reckon we’ve got another 20 years of papers. (I hope)

  2. If there a dozen papers publishing daily in 5 years I will be surprised. Maybe if the business model changes or they go weekly or broad regional. Digital migration is moving faster than we can keep up with. Some piece of hardware will be marketed that appeals to our tactile sense, at that point it will all be over.

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