Tony Abbott does hypocrisy again

Paul Toohey has a piece in the Herald Sun: The PM, God and women – according to Tony Abbott. It’s not a profile because only Abbott was interviewed. It’s not Abbott’s response to another politician. It’s just a puff piece. But it’s full of shit from Abbott:

“I do not regard myself as a Christian politician. I regard myself as a politician who just happens to think religion matters. I would be appalled, absolutely appalled, to think religion drove anyone’s politics in a secular democracy like ours.”

Seems Tony Abbott thinks we all have a short memory for when Parliament voted to remove his control of RU486.

And how’s this quote from Abbbott about Rudd: “I also occasionally thought he was a little bit more in love with the sound of his own voice than he should have been.” Pot, kettle, black.

4 responses to “Tony Abbott does hypocrisy again

  1. Seems you can’t recall that Abbott made the RU486 issue a conscience vote, thereby allowing a majority of parliamentarians vote in favour of dangerous do it yourself abortions. As for your last bit sure Abbott talks a bit but good grief Rudd never shuts up, he has an opinion on everything except that which matters, then he is full of his focus grouped babble such as the hilarious ‘fair shake of the saucebottle’ WHAT Kevin? In any case I don’t think having a religious tendancy should matter so long as it is sincere. Abbott is and Rudd with his carefully staged press conferences outside his church is all show.

  2. Yes now it is used under medical supervision after it was realised that it was more dangerous than standard abortions. If you recall the argument from the feminist left was that RU486 is a ‘human right’ (don’t get me started on anyones ‘human right’ to commit murder out of convenience) especially for women in regional areas for whom normal methods of abortion were too inconvenient.

    • Sorry, but I’m not getting into an argument with anyone who thinks terminating a pregnancy is committing “murder out of convenience”. I am pro-choice, which does not mean pro-abortion. It means I believe in each woman’s right to choose what’s right for her.

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