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Things are starting to feel a little weird between us. For me, at least. You’ve been coming here for a while now, but I still don’t know a thing about you. That makes me a little sad. And very curious.

So, this is de-lurk day. I have many wonderful readers whose comments keep this place lively, but this post is for everyone else. Although anyone can comment, of course. (I’ve tried this before but it didn’t work, so hopefully you won’t make me look too silly.)

I have some questions. You can answer any or none of them, it just seems like an easy way to kick things off:

1. Are you the kind of person who has a top five favourite films/albums/books, or are you unable to narrow it down to just five?
2. Where did you go on your last holiday, and would you go back?
3. What’s your favourite breakfast? (Mine’s avocado on toast. There’s something about its simplicity that makes my heart sing. Although a side of bacon never goes astray – sorry Berryblade.)
4. Do you call yourself a feminist?
5. Do you blog? (And what’s the link?)

Do I need to bribe you? Please, let me bribe you (clip contains adult themes, don’t watch it unless you’re an adult):

50 responses to “Something for you

  1. In answer to your questions:
    1. it depends on my mood
    2.the beach and yes i would go back to the same place.
    3. soft boiled eggs and toasty fingers with a cup of tea
    4. No
    5. yes the link is in my name.

  2. You came up in my blog surfer NWN, so I thought that I would take up your request to “delirk”
    I take my tea white without sugar (Earl Grey of course 😉 )
    and my favourite beach is at Hat Head near Kempsy , its a delightfully unspoiled place where the small township is entirely surrounded by National Park , in the off season it is very quiet and the perfect place for a family holiday , no bight lights and so forth but an unspoilt beach not in the shadow of tower blocks or rank commercialism.

  3. 1. I could come up with my top five, but by next week, they might be different.
    2. Kangaroo Island. Maybe… ‘though I would like to go to other places in South Australia first.
    3. Coffee. Eggs on toast. Especially softly poached eggs on poached asparagus on wholemeal toast, topped off with a squeeze of lemon juice, a dab of butter, and a grind of black pepper.
    4. Yes.
    5. Yes. But you come by my place, and I come by yours, so think of these answers as idle chit-chat.

    • Indeed, for us it is idle chit chat. But it’s nice to not be arguing all the time – even if we’re arguing from the same side.

      I haven’t been to Kangaroo Island, but when I was a kid my family would go camping in Lincoln National Park (SA), because we’re a big noisy family and there was no one else around to annoy. Or maybe they were hoping a great white would reduce family numbers a little so we could go somewhere nice!

  4. 1) I could do top 5’s but I am scatty and my top 5’s change constantly.
    2) Tauranga, my dad’s place on the Wairoa River. I would go back in a heartbeat. I’d live there if I could.
    3) Mushrooms on toast!
    4) Yes I do. In fact I yell it from the rooftops very proudly.
    5) Yep I blog about feminism, tattoos, bogan music and the bogan lifestyle I so cherish and enjoy.

    I love your blog. It’s one of my favourites. I can’t help checking in every day to see what’s new.

  5. 1. Five is never enough for a list of favourites.

    2. Camping at Fingal Bay, we probably will go back there, we tend to revisit places every so often. We’re going for a second visit to a farmstay place near Armidale at Easter – after we’ve spent a 4 day camp pretending to be in the dark ages.

    3. This! Also, Deborah, you’re making me hungry.

    4. Yes.

    5. Yep, linked from my name (and the breakfast answer 🙂 )

  6. 1. I can narrow to a top one, but not a top five.

    2. Portland, Oregon… and, yes, I would… for the food.

    3. Mushroom, cheese, and avocado omelette with ricotta pancakes and fresh-squeezed orange juice.

    4. Yes. I wish more people would.

    5. I do.

  7. outragedofmarrickville

    1. Can probably do a top 5, I think I have a favourite then it seems to change as I change and get older, wiser, drunker
    2. Technically gold coast for a tacky weekend and Port Douglas for a dirty weekend but proper holiday was Japan and it was awesome. I can’t wait to go back, thank you jetstar and your Friday fare frenzies
    3. my patented sandwich – Turkish bread with avocado, swiss cheese, bacon (crispy) and red onion all toasted, served with a vanilla malt milkshake and pot of earl grey tea
    4. loud and proud feminist and don’t understand girls who aren’t when it is in everyone’s interest to have happy women with choice, equality and self determination. Plus feminists are allowed to shave their armpits, despite popular opinion!
    5. until last week I have never blogged. I am the proud owner of one guest blog post, may do some more later.

  8. 1. Yeah, reckon I could.
    2. Last holiday was last weekend in Tongaporutu, NZ, and I love it so much, I am going back this weekend!
    3. Can I have a couple of fav breakfasts? Avocado and tomato on vogels toast (Boganette, back me up here), or scrambled eggs, bacon, asparagus and this weird tomato, mushroom and onion HP sauce mix thing I make. It’s awesome!
    4) The feminist question… Yes, I think I am, but perhaps a non practising feminist? I think it is hard to tell sometimes, as I am pretty blokey (NWN, Outraged?) and also say sexist things about both men and women.
    5. No blog for me, I just lurk here and at fuck politeness and boganettes blog. Thanks falcon sister for introducing me to your friends!

    • K, I’d say you’re definitely a feminist – you don’t take shit from anyone!

      • Yep ladies, I concur. Feminist it is then. I think perhaps my questioning is because to me it comes as naturally as breathing, and I don’t label myself as a ‘breather’. I was raised by a lefty feminist (getting less lefty in her advancing years, ha!) and so it is so much a part of who I am that i don’t even think about it.

    • outragedofmarrickville

      You see, this is very interesting Ms K because it goes to those ongoing debates on definitions, assumptions and the myths of what a feminist is. I know you very well (I am proud to say !!) and I know that you consider yourself to be the equal of any man, you also believe that you should have equal access to work, services, pay, education ,healthcare. You don’t like to be sleazed on (unless you sleaze right on back …equity again). You like to make your own choices about everything in your life including your contraception, your sex life and bearing children. Ta da ..feminist! Now cos I am quite a dull person, I have studied feminism as an academic theory. As a theoretical or political concept, it is as complex as any other but in real terms, I personally put feminism down to 2 simple words ‘equality and choice’. NWN – I find reticence by women (especially modern or post post post modern women) to use the term an interesting subject matter …do I smell a post coming on?

  9. 1. No lists, as my tastes change, and I am always finding new stuff that I like.
    2. Cambodia, and yes, I intend to return.
    3. Scrambled eggs on toast w a double latte.
    4. No. I try to avoid labels.
    5. Er, yes. I have you linked! But I’m not sure that you would approve of the content!

  10. 1. Are you the kind of person who has a top five favourite films/albums/books, or are you unable to narrow it down to just five?

    Not a top five, just ones I really love – Shaun of the Dead/Smash the Control Machine by Otep/Lucky can’t remember who it’s by.

    2. Where did you go on your last holiday, and would you go back?

    Amsterdam and FUCK YES. Not soon enough 😦

    3. What’s your favourite breakfast? (Mine’s avocado on toast. There’s something about its simplicity that makes my heart sing. Although a side of bacon never goes astray – sorry Berryblade.)

    Haha, I still think you’re awesome! I love a great soy earl grey + peanut butter on toast/black cherry jam on croissant I also make the BEST pancakes in the world. No lie.

    4. Do you call yourself a feminist?

    If you didn’t, you’d be clueless and probably an idiot too 😛

    5. Do you blog? (And what’s the link?)

    You know it! berryblade DOT wordpress DOT com


    I think we need to organise a big Aussie feminist breakfast or something. Breakfast is so fucking GOOD.

    • Ha, I knew you wouldn’t let bacon come between us. All these earl grey drinkers… I’m an english breakfast girl myself, black, no sugar. Like my heart, mwaa ha ha.

      I’m surprised by people who say they aren’t feminists – do they believe that women are inferior to men, or are they just wanting to distance themselves from this stupid idea that all feminists are hairy man-haters? (Not that there’s anything wrong with hairy man-haters, of course, but I can imagine that if you’re a young woman who follows mainstream culture, that it would seem scary.)

    • outragedofmarrickville

      I was invited to attend a feminist breakfast for international womens’ day. I cant go cos I am out of state that day and it was at 6am. I can’t imagine that I would get to swear at it, was all very professional and that!

  11. 1. I can narrow it down to top five, because I’ve taught myself that controlling my fannish obsessions is a necessity. 😉

    2. Holiday? What’s that? Oh, that’s right… one of those things for which I save money but never seem to find the time! (I run a business in addition to holding down full time work for another company)

    3. Eggs benedict with bacon. So good… and yet so bad. I don’t have it very often! 😦

    4. I am a feminist. I especially like using the label amongst my peers because it’s kind of uncool and I like the challenge of reclaiming it. If you can challenge someone’s assumptions about, say, who “a feminist” is, then it gives ya a starting point for teaching ’em to look harder at ALL their assumptions.

    5. Sort of. I have a DW journal, but most of the content is friends-locked and pretty random stuff!

    6. I’m adding a number 6 because I want to let you know that I adore this blog and read it via RSS.

    • Oh, thank you, that’s a lovely thing to say! I’ve gone all tingly. You’re spot on about challenging people’s assumptions about feminists. I know a couple of philosophers who also have to do that.

      So, what’s in your top five?

  12. 1. I have a favourite book etc but not a top five (My own private Idaho/Neil Young –Decade/Wuthering Heights)
    2. I don’t really get to go on many holidays (nowhere more interesting than QLD which is where I grew up so I don’t think counts) I would love to go back to Timor Leste and track down some old friends and just see how the place is progressing.
    3. Favourite breakfast is muesli (I know boring)
    4. I wouldn’t dare call myself a feminist, but I don’t think I am a misogynist. I have some opinions which may run counter to the feminist viewpoint and stick up for women at work when the resident chauvinist tries to fuck them about. (I have a good recent example which still pisses me off)
    5. I blog and the link is
    but no-one ever comments there.

    • Patience grasshopper. You’ve only just started your blog, so give it time. From the conversations we’ve had here, I wouldn’t say you’re a misogynist. And you get big brownie points for standing up to chauvinists. How long were you in Timor Leste for?

      • In TL for six months around the time of the first Presidential election. Got to meet Xanana and wife. Also went to a church service with Bishop Belo. Absolutely beautiful country and beautiful people. It’s quite remarkable how happy the locals are after all they have been through.

  13. 1. It’s not possible to narrow it down.
    2. Mandurah, number of years ago. Maybe I’ll go back.
    3. Cereal – Weet-bix bites.Or crumpets with vegemite. Or pancakes. And tea.
    4. Yes. And an Equalist (because there are multiple spheres of oppression (ableism, cissexism, racism etc.))
    5. Yes.

  14. 1. I could narrow it down to 5, but I would be filled with regret at 3:13 am when I suddenly realised 3 things that should have been on the list that weren’t.

    2. What’s a holiday? Does visiting the in-laws in Albury at Christmas count? I will go back, but wouldn’t without a reason.

    3. French toast. Pancakes. Anything I can drizzle maple syrup on. Or serve with hot berries.

    4. Absolutely.

    5. Yes –

    • Helloooo Georgie Love! Welcome aboard, and thanks for de-lurking. Not only would I forget a bunch of movies that should have been on the list, but I’d see another great movie and then have to start all over again.

      And Nipplers – Georgie Love has a great giveaway going on over at her place, check it out.

  15. 1. I am both unable to narrow it down, and even remember enough of my favourite things to make a list.
    2. Brisbane. And yes, but mainly because people I love are there.
    3. The one I’ve cooked most recently was sour cream pancakes with bacon and grilled peaches and it was amazing. But most days it is strong black coffee and a cigarette.
    4. Darn tooting.
    5. Yep, but you knew that. 🙂

    • Strong black coffee and a cigarette? You are so rock ‘n’ roll! As well as avocado on toast (some sort of rustic rye, and am quite partial to anything from Sonoma because I’m a wanker), I also really like Baghdad eggs (with lemon, garlic, cumin and mint). And coffee. Always coffee. Then a black tea a few hours later.

  16. ‘ello ‘ello! You know of me, I’ve talked about you 🙂 We also met at the pub once with Sonja, Carlisle Castle. 45 comments so far, your de-lurking certainly worked!

    • Hello Pepper! I recognised you from your photo, even though it’s cunningly taken to be arty. And you do take wonderful photos, by the way.

      Yes, the de-lurking post worked, sort of. Half of those comments are from me because I like to respond to everyone. Having said that, some lovely people did introduce themselves. And you took your sweet precious time to de-lurk, missy.

  17. 1. Don’t make top 5 lists, it’s too hard. But I do love making “Dinner Party or Neighbour?” lists i.e. Frank Zappa to dinner, Dr. Julius Somner Miller as a neighbour. (Not saying Zappa wouldn’t have made a great neighbour, but a girl’s gotta get some sleep.)

    2. Um, Cairns. And unfortunately I have to go back cos I can’t escape family.

    3. Coffee and poached eggs with smoked salmon and avocado. Served to sounds of a Johnny Cash LP.

    4. Proudly and not sporadically.

    5. Sporadically and not always proudly.

    Love your blog!

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