This Bingle-hatred is ridiculous

Misogyny and ridiculousness is alive and well, just look at Peter Roebuck’s opinion piece on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald today: Clarke’s choice: love or leadership:

Michael Clarke needs to choose between a fraught personal life and his career in cricket.

So Clarke has to choose between his job and his life? Yes, I understand cricket is important to a lot of people, and there’s a lot of advertising money tied up in it, but that’s just ridiculous.

So much of Roebuck’s piece is offensive and cliched (young people spending all their time online and playing with iGadgets), so I’ll just highlight a few bits:

Ordinarily, a player rushes home upon hearing some dreadful news of a family loss, impending or completed. Or else he has been informed of a devastating sickness. Now and then a player is allowed to attend a birth in the modern way.

Now and then a player is allowed to be there when their child is born? How very generous of Cricket Australia. And then this piece of offensive garbage:

Clarke’s problem is easy to state and hard to resolve. He seems to be locked into a love affair with a beautiful but possibly unstable young woman. Whatever the reality of her life, supposing reality makes an appearance now and then, Lara Bingle stumbles from public relations disaster to public relations calamity. Restaurateurs complain about her manners and the poor company she keeps. Fashionistas talk of her headstrong ways and strange customs. Moreover, she seems intent on boosting the sales of all those magazines bought by the female of the species. In short, she craves attention and courts controversy. Yet Clarke, the class act of the pairing, seems besotted. Beauty and danger have always been a potent combination. Look in the mirror and find another fool to that folly.

Ah, Roebuck doesn’t think Lara Bingle is good enough, is worthy enough, and by calling Clarke the “class act” he’s saying that Bingle has no class. He also manages to disparage women as just being interested in gossip mags. Nice one. Bingle and Clarke are engaged, yet Roebuck calls it a “schoolboy crush”.

He then goes on to write that the wives of sportsmen “understood their role” and “did not make any extra demands” because they were mature women who made sure their cricket superstar husbands didn’t have to think about trivial things like family and the importance of keeping their relationship strong.

It doesn’t matter what we think of Lara Bingle. It doesn’t matter what we think of the pathetic act of showing people a nude photo of her and giving it to the media who then published it. What matters is what Lara Bingle thinks of it, and by extension, what Michael Clarke thinks of it. What sort of arsehole wouldn’t be concerned when their partner is distressed?

Sorry Peter Roebuck, this piece is just not cricket. (Boom tish)

Update: Man Friend just showed me an opinion piece by Richard Hinds: Just do what comes naturally as Pup tails the WAG: laugh. The first half is bad, but then he ends up somewhere completely different:

Laugh about how sporting bodies who preach ”respect and responsibility” towards women also encourage players to parade wives and girlfriend on the red carpet wearing not much more than Bingle in the infamous photograph. Thus a woman’s role as status symbols, attachment and the rightful reward for athletic achievement has been endorsed and ”WAG”, once a derisive term for a spendaholic ditz, has become an official office.

17 responses to “This Bingle-hatred is ridiculous

  1. yes. Good on him for going home to his partner when she needs him, regardless of what happened or what she looks like or who she is…. and attending the birth in the ‘ modern’ way? WTF. where has this guy been????

    • Man Friend says it’s typical Roebuck in terms of his florid style… perhaps Roebuck was trying to make a joke? You know, if a nude photo of me was splashed all over the media, and thousands of comments on news websites said I deserved it, and my partner was overseas, I’d want him to come home. And Clarke is part of the Australian cricket team – are the rest of the players so hopeless that they can’t win without him?

      • Maybe Roebuck is just shitty because Bingle has the audacity to not like cricket. The nerve of her! I saw some bollocks in the paper or online about that the other day, about how she’s an awful person and terrible girlfriend because she doesn’t like to sit and watch Clarke play cricket for days on end. Other wives/girlfriends do, yet no one tells them they should get a real job.

  2. “female of the species”……..nuff said.

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  5. Personally I think the whole “scandal ” is grossly exaggerated, Its not like the picture is showing much more than you can see in sanctioned images of the woman. In my own post on the matter I speculated that the one person who appears to benefit from this whole business is Bingle herself. And in any whodunit you can imagine it always comes down to who has motive?
    This is not like the scandal when various celebrities have found their private sex tapes posted online this is one rather poor cell phone picture of a woman who has done what precisely??

    I don’t hate her but I have written a couple piss-take posts about the media frenzy because it is the media reaction that is the story here rather than the indiscretions of the players in this little bit nonsense

    • Yes the image was blurred, but everyone in the newsroom has seen it. And are you saying that because she has modelled swimwear, then it doesn’t matter if a nude photo of her, taken without her consent, is released? That’s a dangerous path you’re going down there, because you’re also saying that it’s not rape if a woman has had sex before.

      And how does Bingle benefit from this? She has been subject to scathing comments published online, to sexist and misogynistic opinion pieces on the front page of newspapers in Sydney and Melbourne, and generally told that she deserves it because she had an affair with a married man. Fevola, meanwhile, hasn’t copped any grief.

  6. If the reports that she will be paid to “tell her story” are true then she would benefit financially from the “scandal” the figure that I have seen mentioned is $200,000 and that is not small change.
    My point about the actual picture is not that her being a swimsuit model makes it OK to publish nude pictures of her with out her consent but to point out that it is a rather “mild” image in the first place.
    In principle I object to anyone being unfaithful to their partner but I am a realist so I don’t think that it is a hanging offense none the less.
    And when It comes to rape I would NEVER make the argument that you suggest.

    • It doesn’t matter that you think the image is mild. You could be into hardcore animal poo porn for all we know. It is NEVER ok to publish nude photos of someone without their consent. EVER. And if she gets some money as compensation then good on her, because that photo is all over the internet, and every time someone Googles her, it will come up. She has had incredibly nasty things said about her, supposedly enlightened journos have written nasty opinion pieces about her saying her career is over, news sites have published horrible comments about her, her reputation has been completely trashed – I think $200,000 is a pretty small amount, actually. The people who really benefited from it are the news sites that have been flogging the story to death.

  7. The latest reports say that here agent is asking for a Million bucks for Lara Bingle to “tell her story”
    The news sites are actually steadfastly refusing to pay up which says that they don’t think that this story is worth the money. The longer this goes on the more it looks like a set up by Bingle herself.

    • Of course they’re not paying. Why on earth would they? They’re getting maximum coverage for free at the moment. They don’t give a shit about having an exclusive for her side of the story because someone will pay for it eventually – and the longer they hold off, the cheaper the price will get – and every news site in the country will just rip it off. That’s how it works. If they didn’t think it was worthy, they wouldn’t be covering it. This story has been massive for news sites, they love it. Bingle hasn’t said a word to the media in days. In fact, all she said when the picture was published is that she’s going to sue Fevola. This whole thing has been whipped up by the media (who are obsessed with her), yet she’s copping the blame from people like yourself.

  8. I can’t believe the way in which the media are falling all over themselves to report this complete and utter non-event.

    It’s just trailer-trash journalism if you ask me.

    (Which you didn’t, but I’ll say it anyway…)

  9. Frankly, my advice to the unfortunate young woman would be jack up the price for “her story” sky high, take the money and run, laughing all the way to the bank.

    Once they’ve got their pound of flesh, the trash media will be casting around for the next victim of the scandal-mongering that passes for journalism these days.

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