How can this be acceptable?

In today’s Online Opinion Melinda Tankard Reist writes about a Facebook page where people can post photos of girls they reckon are sluts:

Since when did it become OK to hate women and girls so publicly and to judge them so mercilessly?

Apparently it already has a million members. One million people who don’t think there’s anything wrong with this:

One average normal young woman is standing in a front yard looking relaxed and happy in a long blue summery dress. This girl cops a torrent of abuse on the site. Because girls can’t just look or actually be relaxed and happy. They must be covering up for the fact that they’re really sluts.

Other images are of larger sized girls posted purely to be ridiculed. And they are. Condemned for being alive, though some men comment that despite their obvious hideousness, they could still manage to find some use for them.

There is even a picture of a woman with a bashed face.

Each girl or woman is analysed based on her body parts and what she is wearing. The text includes allegations of their prostitute-like ways, describing multiple STD’s, multiple pregnancies to multiple fathers, and all the sexual acts they have ever allegedly performed on multiple men.

What’s it going to take for Facebook to realise they have to stop this shit? It’s fucking disgusting. Free speech my arse. If it was about Indian students, or indigenous Australians, it would be taken down straight away. But it’s ok to hate on women. Because they’re sluts. And deserve it.

Forty years ago, Germaine Greer wrote in The Female Eunuch that women don’t realise how much men hate them. I think it’s becoming abundantly clear.

17 responses to “How can this be acceptable?

  1. sorry to bring the Monthly magazine up again and so soon from my last comment (thanks Luisa for Xmas gift subscription) but there is an article on teh 40th anniversary of that very book that is worth a look.

  2. ps hideous website. But it just goes to show nothing people like more than a good slut shame and a bitch, its like that hot or not site.

  3. yes that was a very odd way to start an article!

  4. Good God. I am tempted to go and look. Except, I am quite content today, and don’t want to ruin my mood.

    Wait…too late.

    • I’m glad I’m not on facebook because I would have looked by now. And been very very angry.

      • I am on facebook and I didn’t look. I was going to put a status up saying people should complain and be appalled, but I decided that by doing so I was probably giving it a false promotion and then more people would look at it which means the poor girls have an even larger exposure (genuinely no pun intended that time).

        • I thought about writing an article about it, but all it would do is give it more exposure. So it’s a tough situation – clearly these things don’t go away if you ignore them, but if you expose them to a wider audience, more people will see these girls being called sluts. I don’t know what the answer is. Other than to complain to Facebook.

  5. I had “friends” on facebook who joined that.

    I deleted them and didn’t look back.

    • I just don’t understand how so many people can think it’s perfectly acceptable to tear shreds off other people online.

      • After having a look at some of the covers for magazines this month, it doesn’t surprise me, but it still disappoints me.

        $5 says these people wouldn’t even have the gall to say things like this in real life other. Cowards.

        • Oh, they’d never say it in real life. Just look at all the hideous things said about Lara Bingle last week. If those readers bagging her on news sites ever got the chance to meet her, they’d be slipping over their own drool for a photo.

          • Oh snap. No shite hey. I just want to give her a big hug and tell her it’s not her fault. You should see the comment some arsehole left on my blog about this whole thing. I left it up because it perfectly sums up why humans have no redeeming features and what’s wrong with this whole situation. They’re still blaming her.

            • I’m still shocked by all the people who left comments on various websites saying it’s her own fault he took the photo because she was in his shower, and that because she didn’t wrestle the phone off him (hello, size difference between slim model and big league player?), it’s her fault it got published. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people?

  6. What I find really disturbing about this is not just the obvious cruelty and bitchiness of the site but after reading the Melinda article the practical promotion of abuse and subjugation of women and girls. There are pictures of early teens even a 10 year old shown naked (given the fuss about Bill Henson its interesting no one seems to care about this) and battered women who ‘deserved it’ not to mention the obvious and unsanctified objectification and sexualising of women and girls. Its rape culture stuff and people are flocking to join. Curioser and curioser thought Alice.

  7. I’m not going to look at that site because it will make me too sad and angry.

    And it’s true. Women DON’T get how much men hate them. And even worse, we don’t get how much women hate each other.

    I catch myself with occasional misogynist thoughts (and to my eternal horror Lara was the topic of one quickly-quelled such thought). It scares me how much I have internalised all these things I outwardly speak out against.

    • Lady Pants, hello! Hope your holiday was excellent.

      The internalising stuff is weird, isn’t it? I guess it shows what kind of culture we really live in. A confession: I groaned at a rape joke the other day. I know my response should have been ‘jokes like that contribute to rape culture, and violence against women isn’t a laughing matter’, but since I made him tell me – he said it was a really rude joke – and he prefaced it with ‘I really don’t want to tell you this…’, it didn’t seem fair to berate him for it. He knew it was wrong. But then does that make me a rape apologist by excusing him for telling a rape joke? Argh.

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