Not a cat fan

I know it’s asking for trouble on teh interwebs to say you don’t like cats. Or children doing adorable things. But this, this is fucking hilarious:

With thanks to Betsy Jinxx.

18 responses to “Not a cat fan

  1. I tend to think that the only good cat is a dead one but you are spot on that this is a very funny vid


  2. My wife is allergic to cats as well so you have my sympathy on that one. Do dogs affect you the same way?

  3. Have you heard this old adage:
    “Dogs have masters but cats have slaves” ?

  4. Stay free then!

    BTW do you moderate all of your comments or is it just me?

  5. Fine I just wasn’t sure what we me being one of teh few non feminist blokes who comments here and all 😉

    • As long as you play nice, you’re allowed here, feminist or not. Although, I’m baffled by people who say they aren’t feminists – feminism is about women having the same rights as men.

  6. Of course I am all for equality between women and men and I argue for that all of the time, however I do object to the strand of feminism that sees men as the enemy or that tries to make men into some sort of ersats women. Both genders have their qualities that each complement the other and I think that we can acknowledge that while still having equality.

    • I also object to that particular – and uncommon – strand of feminism that says women are better than men. It’s no different to saying men are better than women. But I’m sorry Iain, if you argue for equality between the sexes, then you are indeed a feminist!

    • Iain if I remember my my uni studies course on politics and feminism (a looooong time ago) I recall this being called ‘equality-difference feminism’. ta da you are not just a femininist …you are sub set!


  7. E gads I shall never live that down!;)

  8. I ❤ cats, and I also ❤ Kittens Inspired By Kittens.

    But even more, I ❤ the Kittens girl explaining World War II:

  9. Cats rock especially my old cranky man Spike. Never a rat or mouse to be seen round my house that’s for sure…and he beats up the neighbourhood dogs for kicks. He’s kinda like Horse Cat from footrot flats.

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