It’s not my dream

Did you see the offensive Freedom furniture ad in the Sydney Morning Herald on the weekend? Shopping is not my dream:

With just eight words, Freedom has ensured I will never shop there. Mind you, it’s kind of a moot point, because I’d never buy their crappy furniture anyway.

Update: The comments turn into a discussion of Tony Abbott on last night’s Four Corners, which I didn’t watch because I was at The Pixies.

32 responses to “It’s not my dream

  1. Actually when it comes to furniture the best thing that anyone can do is to buy antiques because they are usually better made than the new stuff and they generally appreciate in value rather than just fall to pieces.

  2. And their furniture is beige, for beige people who think beige and brown furniture means their home is tasteful and understated…WRONG! It is generic, dull and lacking in any indication personal style, flair or individuality. Cookie cutter furniture…made by people who have a low regard for women.

    This rant brought to you courtesy of a conversation between me and the man whilst astounded at the size of the Auburn mega mall as we drove along Parramatta Rd this weekend.

  3. PS watch 4 corners on iview if you get a chance, the quote from Abbott on why women will never reach equal employment opportunities is jaw dropping as his not so subtle accusation that women are murdering babies (abortion).

  4. I quote:

    “I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons”

    I want to comment but I think the quote speaks for itself.

  5. I quote again

    “Mr Speaker, we have a bizarre double standard; a bizarre double standard in this country where some-one who kills a pregnant woman’s baby is guilty of murder, but a woman who aborts an unborn baby is simply exercising choice.”

    what he wants to say and is saying really is that a women who aborts is a murderess.

    • Isn’t this equality? same treatment for both sexes?

      • No it’s not. It comes down to where the law has drawn the line – backed up by medical evidence – between collection of cells and unborn baby. If you believe that a baby exists from the moment of conception, that is your right, but it’s one that is not backed up by our legal system. And you know I’m not going to argue about abortion with you. I am pro choice, which means I support a woman’s right to choose the option that’s right for her.

        • What I am saying has nothing to do with choice, if I were to kick a pregnant woman in the stomach and kill the foetus I would be charged with murder, yet if a woman kills her own foetus its called ‘choice’

          • Again, I’m not going to get into this discussion with you, because you will never change my pro-choice stance and I will never change your pro-life stance. We have to respect each other’s point of view.

            • Agreed but why does Mr Abbott have to be put through the wringer for his?

              • As in put through the wringer here, or in the media? He’s put through the wringer here because that is what this blog is about: calling out people for their sexist bullshit. He’s put through the wringer in the media because, well, actually, he’s not. Because he’s the Opposition Leader, everything he says is reported. If you look at comments on news websites, about half of them support him for various reasons. The other half don’t. There will be opinion pieces disagreeing with him, but there are opinion pieces disagreeing with everyone about something. That’s how it works and that’s how it should work. It’s called public debate.

                • I’m not referring to the wider media rather I am referring to this blog in particular. Your regular contributors seem to regularly denigrate Mr Abbott on the basis of his Catholicism, which I might add is illegal to a certain extent. I can name one occupation by the way which women cannot do: Rifleman. The reasons for this are varied (depending on who you ask) but what I think it all boils down to is that most of current ones would quit if forced to operate with a female. I am not agreeing with this, just telling it how it unfortuantely is.

                  • My problem with Tony Abbott has nothing to do with his religion, and you know that. Otherwise I’d be giving Kevin Rudd just as hard a time.

                    And, um, are you drunk? Because I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about with your rifleman comment.

      • NO! it has nothing to do with equality! Attacking a pregnant woman (man or woman) and killing her unborn child is not the same is a woman choosing to abort. I raised that horrible quote from TA because I do not consider abortion to be murder; to compare abortion to murder is far stretched sensationalist, religious nonsense. I too am pro choice and will not debate on abortion being murder.

  6. You’re kidding? Oh dear. Oh fucking dear.

  7. I read a small piece in the Telegraph (hey, it is that or the Financial Review in my office) today about the Four Corners episode with Tony Abbott. It is basically a blow job in three columns and pretty much ends with “Tony Abbott is awesome, OK, and anyone who doesn’t think so is an idiot… or a satanist”
    As for the Freedom Furniture bit (as that is what this post is about) that is just belittling and rude. Sure for some women it is a dream job to get paid to shop, but it is also the dream of some men, but I guess that didn’t fit as well into a pithy 72 point heading.

  8. Oh god shopping for a job would be my idea of hell! Freedom furniture is total crap because yes! Biege! I hate Biege! If I ran the world all the biege people (including Tony Abbott) would be put on the Loser Plane to Loser Island because I want to live in a rainbow world! Where everyone holds hands and sings, there is no sexism and only really well crafted furniture… 🙂

    • Shopping at Freedom would be hell within hell. The place hell sends you when you’re too evil for hell.

      A world with no sexism and really well crafted furniture – that should be on a t-shirt.

  9. A world with no sexism and really well crafted furniture – that should be on a t-shirt.

    Cafe Press here we come! Lol!

  10. It’s about equity, not equality. Treating everyone the same does not lead to equity because not everyone has the same to start with.

    The irony of this compulsory pregnancy argument is that it’s men who do most of the killing on this planet, not women. Abbott supports the killing of citizens in bulk when states want to squabble over resources, the benefits of which mostly go to a few elites, but he gets all emotional over individual clusters of cells? Smells like rat to me.

    The abortion debate is not about life – that’s a crock – it’s about state control over the means of reproduction. That means control of women.

  11. Well that’s the thing …they ARE outraged over the morning after pill. Just look at the RU486 debacle which is not a dissimilar product to the morning after pill. Mind you look at the historic debate over the pill – women in the mid 20C did our fighting for us then so that we have access to contraception now. Catholics don’t approve of any contraception.

    • No, anti-choicers think you have to suffer for your decision, which is why they prefer surgical termination to medical termination. And despite what they like to tell people, RU486 isn’t just handed out like lollies. It’s prescribed by a medical professional and is taken under medical supervision.

  12. Yeah I recall the outrage when the morning after pill was made available over the counter, even though it doesn’t actually abort a foetus, but just prevents one from occuring.

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