Laughs and lost opportunities

My sense of humour isn’t very sophisticated (ha ha, I said fist). Of course it can be – and I challenge anyone to say that a good pun isn’t clever – but often it’s not.

So, inspired by the giggling going on at Lissy‘s place, here are some things that make me laugh:

* Telling people I’ve got the painters in (indeed, at this very moment he is painting the front room to fix the mess left by the handyman);

* The toilet paper ad that says ‘lab tested for cushiony softness’ (think dirty, my friend);

* When little kids fart and adults pretend it’s not funny;

This morning as I was getting a coffee, I noticed that one of the ginger ninjas on the counter was missing an eye. I said to the barista that there’s a joke in there about a one-eyed ginger ninja, but he looked at me like a) I was talking gibberish because b) I was stark raving mad. Disappointing.

4 responses to “Laughs and lost opportunities

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  2. hehehe you said ‘fist’…

    When little kids fart and adults pretend it’s not funny

    I get dirty looks from other mummies when I laugh at my son’s farting and offer commentary such as “good but next time try relaxing your bottom to see if you can’t make it louder.”

    And I’m now thinking about the adventures of a
    Scottish female ninja with one eye named Agnes… but I have often been accused of speaking gibberish… 🙂

    ooh so you had the painter in? Was he on the ‘job’ then? Say no more, say no more…

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