Tony’s mass debate*

I think Kevin Rudd won the health care debate today, and not just because I really dislike Tony Abbott and hope he is never PM**. At times Rudd looked really pissed off – which was funny – but Abbott just looked smug. Like he was so sure he’d win that all he had to do was turn up, crack a few jokes and the media would hang off his every word. Although to be fair, it’s easy to see how he’d get that impression, since it’s what does happen.

I was watching with one eyeball while also doing some uni work, so I can’t really comment on the content of the debate. Plus, I’m a little high on paint fumes. But I can talk about what it looked like. And about body language – which, incidentally, Abbott brought up, about that photo of Rudd and Kristina Keneally, as some sort of evidence that Rudd is the great white devil. Oh no, two people in the same party might not like each other. Quick someone call a journalist, that man cannot be trusted to run the country!

The whole time, Rudd pretended that Abbott wasn’t sitting on the other side of Chris Uhlmann, yet addressed his comments to him. That was weird. You know what else was weird?***. That Rudd and Abbott wore matching jackets and ties. It was like watching a high school debate.

Abbott looked like he wanted applause for everything he said, and at one point he did his mock disbelief/outrage laugh and looked around expecting others to join in. No one did and he quickly stopped. He dismissed direct questions about his health policy with “we’ll release something closer to the election” which was a complete cop out. He called the damn debate. He should have had something to talk about.

Every time Rudd said “local people” I giggled. I was hoping he’d say “new direction”…

Does anyone have anything to add about the content of the debate?

* Yes, I think I’m being clever
** So of course this post will be incredibly biased
*** Ya mother

16 responses to “Tony’s mass debate*

  1. I couldn’t even watch five minutes. Neither of them is really going to change a thing. If I had to vote now, I’d go KRUDD – better the devil you know than the devil who thinks your whole gender are succubus dick sucking whores from hell.

    They both said the same thing which was…. SWEET FUCK ALL

    I fucking hate Aussie politics right now.

  2. I think you are a bit high on fumes… ‘Ya mum’ and double entendre central. Political commentary has never (or at least not often) been so puerile in its comedic aspirations.

    Nice one!

  3. Tony and his good friend Master Bates, they have a lot to answer for.

    …sorry couldn’t help it….

  4. Yeah that laugh was a little too loud wasn’t it? Abbot’s I mean. That moment might pop up on some campaign ad further down the track.

    Hopefully they will have both inspired more people to bypass the two major parties entirely.

    Berry, I’m up for some shit stirring activism – just let me finish uni first. We need to come up with something really big and creative though.

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