You know you want more

The wonderful Shiny New Coin has given me a Beautiful Blogger award. It’s my first internet award and I’m pretty chuffed:

Apparently now I have to tell you seven things about me. I feel a little sheepish doing this so soon after my last ‘so, let’s get everyone talking about themselves’ effort (which was fabulous, by the way, so thanks again).

1. I’m a pretty good tap dancer. For a beginner.

2. I rarely take things personally. If someone doesn’t like me, that’s their problem. Sometimes I wonder if this makes me seem arrogant, but then I think, well, if they think I’m arrogant, that’s – you guessed it – their problem.

3. I was almost arrested in France trying to hotwire a car while nude. Not sure which bit I’m most proud of, and which bit would have caused me the most trouble.

4. I was vegetarian for 14 years, but now I’m part of something awesome called Meat Club, where we make our own sausages and slow roast things all day. When it gets cooler we’ll make salami and prosciutto.

5. I wish I was more of a nerd. I’m a colossal dork (at work today I was even called a dork for wearing my primary school library prefect badge), but my memory for things I’ve read is shit. Great memory for faces though. I highly recommend watching a movie with me so I can tell you about the other movies the extras have been in.

6. I went to Uzbekistan a week after September 11. I was going anyway, and figured the US would eventually work out that the stan they wanted to drop bombs on wasn’t the one I was in.

7. When I look at ManFriend my heart swells with all the love I have for him, and it makes all my shitty exes worthwhile if it meant I ended up here.

And now I’m passing on the Beautiful Blogger award to three bloggers I love: Thinkingaboutmykink, Boganette, and Youcancallmeladypants.

Oh, and you guys have to tell me something about you. (This means you, Anna.)

20 responses to “You know you want more

  1. Nipples!

    Thank you, I am eternally humbled. And still laughing about #6. What the heck were you doing in Uzbekistan ANYway?

  2. I thought you may have been on some renegade jorno mission or something…. what was to be found there apart from old bones looking at old bones?

    • Gawd, I wish someone would do that. (Mind you, I can’t really complain since my first job as a journo involved being sent to homewares trade fairs in Bangkok, Chicago, Hong Kong…)

      What’s in Uzbekistan? Amazing forts, and history, and the father of algebra, and crazy hats. And some really bad food.

  3. Oh goodness! Thank you! *blush, stammer, point at shiny thing over there!*… except now I have to think of 7 things about myself… dammit…

    I think every place in the world is possibly full of German retirees on tour…

  4. Oh, I LOVES the hotwiring the car while naked in France story. That’s brilliant. While I want to know how that happened, I also don’t because it was ruin it’s perfectness.

    Thanks for going along with such a cheesy task ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I slept in a cell at Marseilles police station with the hookers and sailors, must be something about France that gets people into trouble. Mind you, one time I was arrested in new Zealand for wanton destruction of horticulture and was run out of Queenstown by the local constabulary!

      I think that is enough secret sharing from me for now.

  5. Ack. Not only am I using unecessary apostrophes I’m also making up words. I give up. *pouts*

    • Making up words is one of the best things you can do with English! And I seem to be throwing exclamation marks around like I’ve got some sort of quota to reach. I am disappointed in myself.

  6. But writing in the superlative is totally awesome!!!!!!! Except one time at work I wrote ‘leave!” on the white board next to a friend and colleagues name to indicate that she was going on leave i.e. holiday on that day. Then there was a meeting cos someone thought that another staff member had wrotten it inferring that they hated her and that she should ‘leave!’. There was a special meeting and I had to front up at the meeting and say it was me and that I promise to use less exclamation marks in the future. But I still use ’em, ha !!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh my goodness! I feel so honoured! Thanks so much this has made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

    And so far it hasn’t been the best week so thanks for making me smile!

    It’s funny “almost get arrested in France trying to hotwire a car while nude” is actually on my ‘top 10 things to do before I die’ list.

  8. Sing Paradise By The Dashboard Light with Meatloaf ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I actually had an interview set up with him to promote his new album but then my nanny got sick so I had to pass it on. I was hoping to do a phone duet. Very unprofessional but totally righteous.

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