Feminism made men evil?

The list of things feminism gets blamed for just got longer. Warwick Marsh, founder of Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation, has an incredibly incoherent piece in today’s Online Opinion, blaming feminism for bad fathers and Che Guevara (I think): Sacred masculinity:

The radical feminists’ solution to change the world was very simple. They watched which gender was responsible for most of the violence, theft, rape, war and crime in the world. After identifying that the greatest proportion of evil was coming from the male of the species, they decided to demonise masculinity. After further research the radical feminists realised that masculinity is passed down from father to son and so they deducted that fatherhood (patriarchy) was in itself evil. Patriarchy became the source of all evil. That’s how the campaign to destroy fatherhood (patriarchy) was born, and haven’t they done a great job?

Is he saying that when men are bad fathers it’s because feminists destroyed fatherhood? He uses the ideas of a couple of radical feminists to discount the entire women’s movement – which is intellectually dishonest. It’s scapegoating – rather than consider why some men do bad things (just as some women do bad things), he just blames the bogeywoman. Just once I’d like to see someone like Marsh discuss feminism without pretending that all feminists hold radical views.

It is fair to say that most of the world’s problems are caused by men, but that is because men are natural leaders and natural achievers. Testosterone makes them so, and it’s no use denying the fact.

Sorry, but testosterone doesn’t make you a natural achiever. Incidentally, some studies have shown that fathers have lower testosterone levels than non-fathers – would Marsh like to argue that dads aren’t leaders or achievers? No, didn’t think so.

If men gravitate towards evil, they lead the world on an evil path. If they gravitate towards good, they lead the world to become more compassionate and caring. Society becomes what its men tolerate. Our apathy entangles us. As Edmond Burke said, “All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. The radical feminist policy to remove men from positions of leadership and destroy fatherhood (patriarchy) was a hare-brained solution to a very complex problem.

Ah, feminists are stupid and crazy. Gotcha.

Then there’s some blah blah blah about how wonderful Jesus and Che Guevara are. The whole thing is so badly written that it’s got to be an April Fool’s Day joke.

15 responses to “Feminism made men evil?

  1. Ha ha NUTBAG!! Testosterone does little more than grow muscle mass. What a goose.

  2. It’s almost funny. But then you realise he *really* believes these things – and that’s scary.

    Though the “fatherhood (patriarchy)” repetition did kind of make me laugh. He’s really trying to push that point isn’t he? ‘It’s the same thing! The same thing I tell you!! Conspiracy! Fatherhood=Patriarchy! Uprising!’.

    I wonder if he checks under his bed for feminists before he goes to sleep at night.

    • Shit, I’ve forgotten the secret handshake for Feminists Against Fathers. Luckily every single woman in the world is part of this group, so I can just ask one of them to remind me.

      His piece is also complete rubbish – I know the Online Opinion subs volunteer their time, but surely they should have sent it back for a re-write?

  3. See, this is one of the many reasons why I could never be a good journo (apart from the fact I couldn’t spell myself out of a hat). When I read or hear codswallop like this, all I can think to say is “Are you fucking serious you fucking moronic twat, actually, don’t answer, I don’t care you fucking fuck face, why don’t you just FUCK OFF”. And then they laments how teh wimmins can’t participate in intellectual debate without chucking a sook or a tanny. And then I reply “You fucking toss pot, me being a ranty-pants has nothing to do with my gender and everything to do with me being a stroppy brat”. And so on.

    Anyway. On an unrelated point, I like the way he has conflated “patriarchy” and “fatherhood”. Someone brushed up on his Latin before the article and discovered ‘pater’. The mans a genius. Or he would be, but unfortunately this doesn’t mean they are inexorably linked concepts. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but we haven’t exactly got a friggen plethora of matriarchies kicking, but there is bloody heaps of motherhood flying around. Oh, and ps I knows my latin heaps good too: “MATER”.

  4. Ughhh! I read that article at work on my lunch break and was *headdesk* then I finished my sushi and went back to writing about domestic violence…

    • Part of me hopes it’s just trollumnist stuff, but it is just a hope. We have such a limited public head space for discussion of “big issues” that it’s a waste to publish shit. (I can publish all the shit I like here, but it shouldn’t be alllowed out in public.)

  5. I do get sick of apologising for moronic male comments. How the fuck did these guys get to the point where they were reproducing? What happened to natural selection?

    But be warned feminists – I know what you did with Jimmy Hoffa’s body…

  6. It sounds like he has never read a word of radical feminist theory. Does he actually cite any sources to back up his argument? All he’s doing is parroting Warren Farrell’s bile from years ago and mixing it up with some ev psych bullshit. So not accurate and not even original.

    • Of course he hasn’t read any. (To be honest, neither have I.) He’s just using radical feminists as the big bad bogeywomen who want to destroy men. There are no sources, and he uses quotes without attributing them to anyone. It should never have been published – not because of what he says, he’s free to say what he want, just as I’m free to pick it apart, but because as a piece of writing it’s complete rubbish.

  7. Oh I know I am breaking my own rule about avoiding assumptions ………but anyone else smell ‘nasty divorce and she got the kids’ in this article? Its too angry, unstructured and irrational to be sensible debate. maybe if ignore him he’ll drown in his bile ( ah ha my evil plan to rid the world of one man has worked mwoo ha ha ha)

    Speaking of strange misogynistic things – did anyone else see that Tropfest short film about the mens group – the one where they were all sitting around blaming women for all their problems and for te kids not loving them etc. Was I the only one offended by it or did I just not get it?

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