A week without

It’s the strangest thing: I haven’t blogged in a week because nothing has annoyed me.

* It was the greatest long weekend ever, with four days plus an extra hour.

* It was cool enough to take a jacket with me to a good friend’s birthday drinks on Sunday night.

* The Sun Herald‘s Sunday Life wasn’t filled with tripe (no offence to tripe) – Emily Maguire wrote a great piece on why the media and the public just love kicking a woman when she’s down, and Mia Freedman‘s piece on why she doesn’t like raunch culture but she’s not against it summed up how I feel about it too.

* Despite the Sun Herald calling Dr Melissa Gregg ‘Ms Gregg’ and Monday’s SMH calling a police officer ‘Ms’ instead of using her rank, I’m willing to let those go since they would have been on skeleton staff over the long weekend.

* I deliberately didn’t watch Tony Abbott on Q&A on Monday because there’s only so much misogynistic-climate-change-denialist-Christiany lecturing a girl can take.

What’s going on?

Midday update: Ok, now I’m annoyed. Check out some of the pathetic comments on this story: Budget talk: bosses could be forced to act on women’s pay:

John Boy of Sydney Posted at 8:45 AM Today
Enough of this feminist BS being driven by sections of the media. It is woman creating an issue that isnt there. I have never worked in an area where women have been paid less than men and quite the opposite is occuring with more women promoted in the name of equality.

Toxic Debt of Sydney Posted at 8:46 AM Today
Another reason why this country is going down the sh*thole. Women don’t deserve the same pay. They don’t work as hard, are not as committed, leave earlier and chat longer. If anything they deserve Less than what they currently get.
just sayin Posted at 9:01 AM Today

And my personal favourite:

mick johnson of brisbane Posted at 11:10 AM Today
personally i never hire females…they take more sickies, are always pregnant and want time off continually for ridiculous stuff: sick child, boyfriend issues, dog dying, got a cold, period pain etc etc etc………..id employ a good man any day over almost any female…call it sexist i dont care, ive proven the above many times over the years.. im in the business of making money not being a slack operator or charity… i only employ workers worth their salt for top money. mind you there are some pretty soft blokes around also but on the whole female staff are more unreliable. mick.

Misogyny is alive and well in Australia, and perfectly acceptable on news websites.

22 responses to “A week without

  1. You must be on the happy pills! or maybe look at this a different way – that you are allowed to blog about things that please you, such as good writing and not just write about bad journalism – eh write a piece reviewing Emily Macquire and her book. just a positive thought for the day

  2. Except I ruined it by looking at a news site. (Update posted above)

  3. Note to Self: must stop being continually pregnant. Clearly interfering with my job prospects.

    Oh and Micky-Pants: Lovey, why I do believe its YOU commenting on a news site in what normally constitutes business hours (midweek at 11 am). But this isn’t idle female chit chat around the water cooler is it, darl? You are doing decent male work upholding MAN’S TRUE DOMAIN. Sorry, Sir, I’ll hold my ill-informed female tongue and just totter on back to my desk in the dinge to do all the work you pretend isn’t important but actually don’t know how to do, so you can perve at my arse and berate me behind my back.

    • Perve at your arse, and berate you while still perving, because that’s what arsehats like “mick johnson of brisbane” do.

      • frig, I just got so angry I had to post a modified and expanded version of my rant above onto that site. Bet it won’t be posted though.

        PS: I love ‘arsehat’

        • I posted one too, linking to the actual report mentioned in the article, and pointing out that making generalisations based on personal experience is dumb, but I bet it won’t get published either. News sites don’t tend to like links in comments. Might take people away from their homepage.

          I also love ‘arsehat’. Can’t decide if my mental image of it should be someone with a top hat on their arse, or someone with an arse on their head.

          • In my quest to be Action Falcon, I emailed the news editor to let her know that some pretty ugly stuff was being published. Comments are now closed and none are displaying. Not really the best outcome, because now all those having a whinge about how women have it soooo easy and they shouldn’t get the same pay for the same job because they get to sit around the house for six months relaxing while on maternity leave, will feel they are being silenced because of teh wimminz. A better outcome (outcomes? Shit, do I work for the public service?) would be to delete the nasty ones and let everyone else get on with talking about the issue. Sigh. Why can’t I rule the world? Oh yeah, that’s right, I don’t want to.

      • How many staff would “mick johnson of brisbane” need do you think to assist in clubbing prehistoric animals and dragging them back to his cave?

        I was going to suggest that he could form your new neologism for “a man who dislikes women” but I think his train has gone right through dislike and it about to make its final stop at hate.

        • “Oh, you’re such a mick johnson of brisbane”… hmm, we could get that into the vernacular, but I’m sure he’d be proud. I actually Googled him – the guy has commented on almost every News Ltd story on the web. Oh, and he hates Ricky Ponting but wants to sex Symonds.

          Is a new neologism like an ATM machine?

          • Not at all. Neologism isn’t an acronym. Thus “new” isn’t redundant. It’s not grammatically correct, but I am lacking sleep and overdosing on caffeine and beer so I demand immunity from prosecution against stupidity.

            Curiosity got the better of me too, and you are right. The guy comments on everything. I wonder if he sees himself as a professional commenter – perhaps that’s how he justifies his existence.

            What about “you’re almost a mick johnson of brisbane” for the neologism?

    • I think it is much more simple than that. Mick Johnson and men like him do not care what you say or how you analyse or rationalise the debate. The simple fact is that they believe (and this is an unshakable and unchallengeable belief) that men, by the simple virtue that they are men, are better than woman. period. (pun intended). So any debate with his ilk is pointless, it doesn’t matter how smart, interesting, successful, kind, desiderated etc that the woman is she is not a man and therefore will never be his equal. This is pure unadulterated misogyny (not the insidious and latent stuff like over pronouncing a woman’s title as MSSSSSSS or dismissing feminist theories) and this is the hardest thing any woman (and as feminists we want to challenge it) has to deal with. I feel sorry for his female employees, his wife, mother, sister (if he has any of these women in his life). Bigotry is non negotiable, same goes for inherent racists – you can not rationalise with an irrational belief.

  4. well i’m glad you emailed her. And whilst I do not agree with censorship generally, at least I don’t have to look at those brain-fart comments anymore. Not that I had to… I mean I could have just not looked at the link… but … oh anyway, I digress.

    PS arse hat definitely refers to someone who wears frilly bum cheeks on their head tied with pale blue ribbon under their chin, bonnet style

  5. PS arse hat definitely refers to someone who wears frilly bum cheeks on their head tied with pale blue ribbon under their chin, bonnet style

    see I’d always imagined arsehat to be more a davy crockett hat with one cheek hanging down the back… or even mickey mouse style… but frilly bum cheeks and blue ribbons are much more appealing!

    I just want to go ‘aughh’ reading that kind of shit… and then go “Fine work yourself into an early grave then you neanderthal nitwits I know I won’t be thinking “Gee I really wished I’d worked more and spent less time with the people I loved” when I die.

    What I see is people who are so desperate to maintain their privilege they are blind to the ways it hurts them.

    • I was thinking of something like an academic Tudor bonnet, with one of the cheeks flopping desultorily over the forehead.

      There was one comment saying they thought the gender pay gap didn’t exist and then they read the sexism on that thread and realised that these guys probably do pay women less. I know making assumptions can get us into trouble, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that someone commenting on a news site probably pays at least a little attention to the news. So they are aware of the fact that there’s been lots of news about the pay gap in the last few months. Yet they still dismiss it as ‘women trying to destroy men’.

      I think you’re right Lissy about them desperately wanting to maintain their privilege, but I bet they don’t think of it this way and I bet they don’t feel they are privileged. (And of course we all are, since we are literate and have easy access to the internet, and I’m a white woman, which carries a whole lot of privilege.)

      I also wonder if, when asked whether they’d be happy their sister/girlfriend/daughter was paid less simply because she’s a woman, they’d be ok with that. I doubt it. But it’s so much easier to bitch about “those women out there” rather than to actually think about what it means.

      • I was thinking of something like an academic Tudor bonnet, with one of the cheeks flopping desultorily over the forehead.

        Now I’m thinking about Mick being offered an honorary degree in asshat studies for services to the community in dickheadedry… I’m sure Tony Abbott would happy to give the boring speech at the beginning…

        So they are aware of the fact that there’s been lots of news about the pay gap in the last few months. Yet they still dismiss it as ‘women trying to destroy men’.

        Ahhh but cognitive bias… people don’t like having their beliefs challenged and when Mick and his ilk read the articles they’re not reading with an open mind they are looking for confirmation of their own beliefs, if an article challenges those ideas they then see this as confirmation of a vast conspiracy to destroy the fabric of the universe as they know it.

        I bet they don’t feel they are privileged.
        Of course not! There’s a vast conspiracy of lazy women working against him!!!! Those bitches with their gossip and babies and bleeding!

        I is also mega privileged middle class (despite bogan origins), educated, white woman living in a first world country and living in an area with internet access. I am not going to say I’m hard done by, but I’d invite Mick to come and live my life and see how he copes with single parenting, working and studying… wonder how much time to be lazy he’d get?

        it’s so much easier to bitch about “those women out there” rather than to actually think about what it means.

        Most people don’t want to think…

  6. Surely Mick Johnson of Brisbane is taking the piss? I know some people from Brisbane, and…no, wait, he’s probably not.

    As to the first part of your post, I always find it amusing that if I can’t think of anything to write about, I start hoping someone will annoy me. Whenever I go on holiday, I take a break from the news and the internet. And I *never* have anything to write about.

    But, you know, the internet always comes through in the end.

    • Living in Brisbane isn’t always that bad. Apart from the following small points of annoyance:

      * a State Government that couldn’t organise a
      chook raffle at the local pub, let alone lead
      what is apparently the most “progressive” state
      in Australia (I am pretty sure the survey done
      to get this result was carried out in the Queen
      Street Mall)

      * about 40 percent of the population who
      probably see “mick johnson of brisbane” as
      some sort of demigod

      * a public transport system that leaves a lot to
      be desired (a lot is code for “the system is
      pretty well fucked”)

      There is a fair chance they will ask me to leave Brisbane, and possibly Queensland as well now. Can anyone recommend a new adopted city for me?

      • I dunno, I reckon the NSW Government might trump the QLD Government for incompetence. And if mick johnson of brisbane had added a rant about immigrants to his comment on women, he’d be a demigod here too.

  7. Why did Toxic Debt cap the L in less?? WHY??

    I really don’t think Mick of Brisbane has a job. And if he does I really don’t think he’s in a management position where he can hire people.

    I’m always sceptical of people on News who claim they hire people and run massive companies yet still have time to rant on every article about women and/or Muslims.

    Hmm I wonder if he’s my uncle who lives in Brisbane and works at Red Rooster. It kind of sounds like him. But his name isn’t Mick.

    • I used to think you could tell they were bullshitting about being in a management position by the number of typos in their comment… but my editor can’t send an email without a typo in EVERY SINGLE WORD. I’m not joking.

  8. I actually think I know John Boy of Sydney! Yikes.

    I hate the way conservatives universalise from their own experience rather than bother to be informed about stats and research etc.

    The pay gap doesn’t just refer to real wages but all the other social factors that exclude women from the wealth.

    And where will these douchehounds be without all these annoying babies? Assuming they expect to have social services in place to support them through their old age then surely they understand that today’s babies will be running them! I mean hello? It’s called a society, dickheads!

    “Why did Toxic Debt cap the L in less?? WHY??”

    Because he wasn’t messin’ around no sir! When he says “less” he Really means it. lol

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