Tony Abbott is starting a nine day charity bike ride. That’s nine days of Abbott in lycra on the news. Oh my eyes, it burns, it burns!

Here’s a thought ol’ Tones: get off the fucking bike and start doing your job. Yes, that’s right, the job we are paying you for. And you might want to start thinking about developing some policies.

Pfft. Political lightweight. All trousers and no pants.

16 responses to “NOOOOOOooooooooooo……….

  1. Maybe there will be some divine intervention and he will come up with legitimate policies during the 9 days in the saddle with his lycra-covered package on show to the world…

    On the subject on politicians, what did you think of the Kate Ellis magazine spread?

    • Yeah, right, and maybe I’ll finish my doctorate next month… (I started five weeks ago, so completely impossible.)

      You mean the one in Grazia? I’ve only seen the news story about it – seen, not read – so I have no idea about the content of the article, but I’m all for politicians getting more people interested in politics.

  2. Amused that every supporter of a government bemoans an opposition for “Not having policy details” in the run up to an election campaign when we all know that non opposition of any flavour ever releases the detail until the campaign proper begins because they seek to maximize its effect in the minds of the voters.

    If the sight of Tony in his bike gear offends you then think instead of the money forcharity , just as it has don in the last dozen years.

    Finally doing a long bike ride , or even a long walk is a very good time for meditation of deep thinking so in this case you may fine that Tone actually is working on the details of that policy anyway.

    • Just because I’m not a Liberal voter, don’t assume I’m a Labor voter.

      And it’s not Tony in lycra that offends me (although I’d rather not see it), but the “look at me, I am awesomely manly” attitude that goes with it. That is what I don’t care for because I know it includes a whole heap of sexist beliefs about women.

      And finally, the policy point. Tony’s been in the job for a while now and what have we got? An ill-thought out parental leave plan that wasn’t discussed with his colleagues, a cap on migration that also wasn’t discussed with his colleagues and a giant backwards leap on climate change. Ten bucks says tomorrow’s story will be Hockey admitting he’s been approached for the leadership because they’re sick of another leader who doesn’t consult.

    • I assume your Liberal Party membership is all up to date Iain?

    • this may be true but he is not exactly building consensus with his party is he if he does all his formulation alone aloft a bike saddle? I have heard of ‘policy on the run’ but TA takes this to a whole new level.

      • I think the whole “well if you don’t like the Liberal Party you must be a Labor voter” mentality is exactly the problem we have been discussing.

        If The Greens can be restructured and shed the tree hugging/save a whale image to be taken as a serious political alternative for those “narrower minded” voters, I think there is a sensational opportunity for change. The biggest hurdle will be overcoming the stereotypical misconception of what a Greens voter is. Can it happen?

        The idea of GetUp becoming a political party was mooted on this blog recently. It’s a subject I’d love to see debated further, either on here or in a more formal setting. There is so much public disillusion and resentment towards the existing parties, maybe it is time for a new party. Fresh blood and fresh thoughts. If it is what the people of Australia want however, they need to follow through and vote for change come election time – there is no point doing what you have always done, getting the same political result and then whinging and bitching for the next 3 years.

        • Umm Get Up are more than likely funded by the ALP I got a flyer from them once and they rated the ALP’s Climate Change credentials as better than the Greens. That’s like saying that the Democrats rate more highly in far right policy.
          Speaking of the Democrats, they were (or are) the serious kind of alternative you speak of and they got obliterated.
          It’s sad that we’ve become a nation of two serious parties and a collective of nut jobs of various persuasions.
          Oh and I also agree that Mr Abbott is lacking a bit on the policy front, however I am lost on one point (from NWN) I don’t think that being manly automatically carries with it the requirement to be sexist (although at times it is clear that Mr Abbott is) to me that is a generalisation about men which is of itself sexist. Or was it an observation directly attributable to Mr Abbott? I’m not trying to argue just seeking some clarification.

          • Kimsonof, it was directly referring to Abbott. I know plenty of manly men who aren’t sexist. As for GetUp, I’m not sure about the flyer you’re talking (writing) about, but all the emails I get from them are about forcing the Government to do better. They could very well get funding from the ALP. After all, the SA Attorney-General (and general anti-fun guy) funds a group that says video games are like cancer.

            (Congrats on the wedding, by the way. Sounds like it was a pretty good day.)

  3. dihstawrtid

    The trouble with the greens is that they know that they will never govern so they try to attract all of the far left fringe dwellers and in doing so they lose the voters in the middle which means that they will never govern….

    No matter who you are in the end all you can do is look at the issues and pick the least bad party to vote for. Voting for independents and minor parties like the greens is actually a waste of your franchise. I was an Alp voter for many years and then they took some positions on a couple of issues that I found unacceptable so I now consider that the coalition are a better choice.

    • For the record Iain and dihstawrtid, I think the way we vote is no one else’s business, otherwise it’s too easy to dismiss each other’s arguments. We’re all nude on the internet, right?

      And Iain, you talk about the Greens like you’re an insider… how do you know they know they’ll never govern and formulate their policies accordingly? Here are the Greens policies. They look quite reasonable to me, and I’m hardly a lefty fringe dweller.

      • Because it’s my area of interest – being a journo – here’s the Greens policy on media and communications:

        Policy F3: Media and Communications

        The Australian Greens believe that:
        1. freedom of the press and effective, affordable and accessible media and communications systems are integral to the functioning of a successful democratic society.

        2. all Australians should be able to access a variety of affordable telecommunications.

        3. media diversity in content and format is a right of all Australians.

        4. strong, independent public and community media are an essential part of Australia’s media sector.

        5. Australian content should be strongly supported and well funded.

        6. Australia must have an independent regulatory framework for media, communications and advertising.

        7. public ownership of essential communications infrastructure is in the best interests of a democratic society.

        8. net neutrality is important for an open internet.

        9. digitalisation of broadcasting and other services requires government support and a public education campaign

        10. documents placed in the public domain by government should be accessible with free non-proprietary software, and public data should be made available in open, interoperable formats.

        11. the government should lead by example and embrace open source and open standards.

        Doesn’t sound like left fringe dweller stuff to me, Iain. Whaddaya reckon?

        • Pretty centrist there however media is a pretty safe policy area. A quick glance at their policies reveal a clear leftist agenda for example their policy on drugs. Principle 6.imprisonment for personal use of illicit drugs, when not associated with other crimes, is not an appropriate solution to drug dependence. On Global Economics they support the tearing up of bilateral FTA’s unless they benefit developing countries. A lofty ideal but trying to convince the majority of voters that a foreign nations welfare is more important than there own. (Australians are selfish after all) When it comes to world peace and security they want no nuclear armed or powered forces deployed within our maritime boundary, essentially cutting us off from joint training exercises with the US Navy, whose sub fleet is nuclear powered. Thn in the same policy it is stated that climate change is the biggest threat to peace and security, which is just gibberish. They also oppose conscription as though it’s a serious consideration outside of the realm of 2GB listeners. They also support open borders for claimed refugees. Now left leaning policy is fine and even ideal in some areas, it will not however get a party elected into government. I prefer the centrist approach the Dem’s used to have before they became a follower of the Greens and died. Oh and as nutty as some of the Greens policies are they sure beat Family First’s and the Shooters Party et al. (cookoo)

          • Admittedly the media policy was the first I looked at, because I’m a journo and it’s all about how if affects me, damn it. As for imprisonment for personal drug use, study after study has found that this is the worst thing to do. Even on a purely economic level, it makes no sense to put someone in jail for being a drug user. Call it a leftist agenda if you like, but at some point Governments have to suck it up and admit that throwing drug users in jail is a waste of money. They all know it, but it doesn’t win votes.

            I’m not going to get into FTAs because I don’t know enough about them to comment without looking like a goose. And climate change is a threat to peace and security – it’s a threat to food security, to border security, to water security. A few months ago, the Pentagon even said as much.

            Open borders for refugees won’t win them many votes, but it’s hard to argue that we can’t take them. We have heaps of room, we have heaps of water, we have heaps of resources – we just don’t use what we have very well. We flush our toilets with drinking water, for fuck’s sake! Talk about a waste and a luxury, when one billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water (thanks 2003 International Year of Freshwater).

            Why does a third option need to be centre right?

            • I agree with most of the above but as you said these are not vote winning policies. The third alternative doesn’t need to be centre right just not radically left or right

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