Funny Bunny?

ManFriend and I went on a very long drive to a wedding on the weekend, which called for an audio book – for the drive, not the wedding. We used to take the question cards from Trivial Pursuit to keep the driver awake (and by driver, I mean ManFriend, since I haven’t driven in 16 years. I didn’t mean to forget how to drive, it just happened when I left home and moved to Sydney where I’ve always lived near decent public transport), but it makes me feel dishonest about playing TP with others. We take a pile of CDs, of course, but audio books are better at keeping you alert.

We had the excellent World War Z by Max Brooks, featuring Alan Alda, Mark Hamill, Henry Rollins, John Turturro and more, but it wasn’t quite long enough, so we stopped at a bookshop on the way back and bought The Death of Bunny Munroe, by Nick Cave, read by Nick Cave, with music by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. (Linda Radfem was talking about this book at her place a while ago, about how the cover and the title make you think it’s about a sexy chick who gets killed, and about how hard it is to reconcile political/social views with some of the music we like.) I really enjoyed When the Ass saw the Angel, although that was in 1998 or 1999 when I was in London, so it could very well have been a bunch of self-important tripe that fit in with my early-twenties self-important view of the world.

Anyway, The Death of Bunny Munroe is pretty funny. He’s taking the piss, right?

5 responses to “Funny Bunny?

  1. I read half of And the Ass Saw the Angel (whilst I was in Phnom Penh – PLACE DROP) and I absolutely loved it, even if the narrative voice did mah head in. If i didn’t have another 133687436265 books to read for uni, I would totally finish it.

    Bunny Monroe, eh? let’s make it 133687436266 friggen books.

  2. According to Nick Bunny is an archetypal conglomerate of every bad and horrible man, who gets punished for it in the end. He’s done that thing that you see a lot in tv sitcoms, where there is a few not so nice men positioned alongside one really overtly misogynist man, who makes the other men look nicer by comparison.

    I read that his mother was really pissed off about the book cover. lol

    Lady, the narrative voice of Ass did everyone’s head in! I understand that the guy had no speech but fuck…



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