Did you hear that?

It’s the sound of my heart breaking.

Check out the comments on Daniela Elser’s piece for The Punch: How feminism became the dirty new f-word.

It’s the same old bullshit from MRAs (thanks lissy!) on how feminists want to destroy men.

Eric says:
Feminism is just about women, as its name implies.
It’s a hate movement that blames men collectively for all the ills of the world. The main aim of feminism is to give every privilege to women at the expense of men’s rights.

Peter says:
Your right Eric. Just go out to a night club and follow the progress of events that lead up to 2 males fighting. Behind most of it is a couple of scheming women “just checking out” how far blokes would go to pick them up. They deliberately play one off against the other, laugh when a fight breaks out, and the men get locked up.. I guarantee you this accounts for about 90% of nightclub violence..

Peter says:
BTS you are 100% correct. If the world were full of female leaders, i can see countries going to war because one leader doesn’t like the colour of the nail polish the other one has got, or it might even come down to jealousy over a dress? All war is about money. Why do men love money? Because women love men with money? So i could say, if there were no women, there would be no war!!

And it goes on and on and on and on and on.

24 responses to “Did you hear that?

  1. It must be part of the MRA ethos to make a point of trolling online news sites to get that kind of commentary out there. At least I hope that’s it. I hate to think that they represent the broader male population.

    Peter is right though. If there were no women there’d be no war. What a genius.

    • I don’t think they represent the broader male population – in fact, a couple of guys pulled them up about it – but I stopped thinking everyone was like my liberal lefty friends a long time ago.

    • what is MRA?

      • An MRA is a men’s rights activist, which is fine because I’d be a massive hypocrite if I argued for women’s rights but said men didn’t deserve any. The problem is, rather than being about equal rights – which is where I stand – they feel that women have taken over the world and are denying straight, white men their rights. Jeff Fecke at Shakesville goes into more detail: http://shakespearessister.blogspot.com/2007/10/explainer-whats-mra.html. There’s a lot of really interesting stuff in there, about how MRAs are convinced women make up rape allegations and that if there’s no conviction, the woman should be charged, and that if they don’t get custody of the kids, they shouldn’t have to pay child support. Charming stuff.

  2. I just had a quick look at that article and yikes, she’s made a reference to bra-burning. Someone should tell her.

    • Hey Linda, I was just reading your About page and one of the points you raise is perfect in this discussion: “cruelty, prejudice and sheer stupidity of social mores that women internalise throughout a life time of existing as an oppressed and subordinate class within a patriarchal society“.

      That’s what I should have said in my post.

  3. Oh no, I am so foolish. I made the mistake of reading the comments. I am genuinely (no hyperbole this time) distressed that people in a so called civilised and educated society can think such misogynist (again no hyperbole this time they really truly despise women). I am frequently disappointed and generally a realist on society’s attitudes to women but this was the most uninformed, trollish and hideous conversation. ….women are the root cause of all wars, women cause men to act like meatheads and get into brawls, women add no value to society, femininism is the study of hate.

    I had to stop reading, I think my heart is breaking too.

  4. You mean they are actually serious???
    I read that and thought it was tongue in cheek, because if it isn’t, then it is seriously head up arse.
    Who are these people?

    • I like to think of them as an organisation with a mailing list and internet access. The second there’s something to do with feminism on the internet that they can comment on, they appear and start making dicks of themselves. Same with the anti-abortion mob. There’s gotta be an email that goes around to all of them because they suddenly appear en masse to tell pro-choicers that they’re murderers.

  5. Feminists are apparently mostly mentally ill. I am really angry now. Need to go and plan some kind of Pinko Dyke attack on some poor straight, white, middleclass, oppressed, never had a chance, man.

    • Now none of us ladies here are men haters (that I know of anyway) and none of us are wimpy cry baby burst into tears for no reason types either. So I was surprised how sad to the soul that stuff made me. I’m glad most of the men are know are lovely liberal types. Imagine being the mother, sister, wife or girlfriend of those horrible people.

      • I wonder if they are like that in “real life” or just save it up for when they’re online?

      • Yep, definitely not a man hater, and I am surrounded by awesome straight, white, middleclass men as well as men other kinds of lovely men too.
        It just doesn’t compute for me that people can actually think and speak in such a hateful way. I wonder, like you, NWN if they are like this in real life and they actually believe the bile they spew?

        • Surely they can’t feel that way about their mothers? And sisters? And female friends (if they have any), that is…

          • I don’t think all of them do. I was thinking about this in the context of men I know. Now I know a lot of lefty men who are proud feminists, but I also know some men who are very nice men, certainly not misogynists but not necessarily lefties and wouldn’t consider themselves a feminist but enjoy female friendships and love their mother! One in particular is a divorced father who adores his daughter and is a fab care giver, but he feels he was screwed over in the custody case and that the mother is a bit of a money grubber who doesn’t necessarily spend all of his money on the daughter and actually has her own income and some family wealth. I know he went on some of the fathers’ rights rallies in London but I also know that he would never hold anti-women views. He is primarily opposed to his perception of inequities in the law for caring fathers. Anyway the long and short is I can see him commenting online and agreeing with some of the MRA comments on equal custody and caring rights for fathers but he would not be supportive of some of their other more strident views.

  6. Ughhhhh I feel ill now. I don’t know why I always have to click the link and read the comments even though I *know* they’ll upset me and make me furious.

  7. I feel your pain. But, it’s 7.47am, I’m awake, online (at work, even), and thinking that we should do something about it. I know you can’t reason with tools like that, but we do need to be more vocal online with our reasonable pointing out of their douchebagness.

  8. Yep you are very right. Douchebaggery must be stopped.

  9. The man-hater tag is just a device to intimidate and discredit feminists and any other women who dare to challenge male power. I guess to a group who are so used to privilege, the perception that they might be hated by anyone really does feel like a serious social issue. But it also distracts us from the fact that a lot of men hate feminists and all women generally. I am reminded that men hate me every time I walk out in public pretty much, or turn on the tv even, or the internet.

    It offends me when I hear the man-hater accusation because I live with a young man who is turning 15 tomorrow and who is the apple of his hairy angry feminist dyke mother’s eye.

  10. Thanks I will, if only to weird him out.

    “One of my internet feminist friends says happy birthday!”

    “No Mum, that’s just weird”

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