Sunday afternoon

There’s a huge pot of chicken stock simmering away, ManFriend has gone to pick up some freshly caught Jewfish from his mate (I’m gonna bake it), Magnetic Fields on the stereo as I do some uni work. Ah, I love Sundays.

Now all I need is a glass of wine…

7 responses to “Sunday afternoon

  1. a glass of wine…

    What a good idea!

  2. How was the party? Roller Derby is next on 8 May. Book it in now!

  3. I had a similar Sunday arvo! Was v. nice.

    Been thinking about going to watch the Roller Derby myself, ever since I saw Whip It.

    • Whip It was pretty funny. Apart from some of the atrociously bad lines – like the last one Juliette Lewis delivers. And that last shot of her on the roof wasn’t needed at all. Still, the movie was really good fun.

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