Belittling Gillard

Did you see the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald today? Giant banner: GILLARD FAINTS Is she eating well enough?

What the fuck?

No, seriously, what the fucking fuck? If a male politician had fainted, it would read: Is he working too hard? Because the implication here is that Gillard shouldn’t be in a position of power because her little mind can’t do too many things at once. Like remember to eat well. To maintain her figure. So she doesn’t let herself go.

But Phillip Coorey’s story isn’t even about food: Gillard faints at Anzac event:

JULIA GILLARD needs to remember to eat before attending Anzac Day ceremonies.

See, puny mind.

While low blood pressure may be an impressive achievement for a politician, yesterday, for the second time in four years, the Deputy Prime Minister swooned during an Anzac Day service in her Melbourne electorate of Lalor.

Then buried towards the bottom, this:

In April 2007, Ms Gillard, then the deputy opposition leader, was treated by ambulance officers after showing signs of fainting at the local Werribee Anzac parade.

”I had rushed there from another commitment, hadn’t eaten lunch, so towards the end of the ceremony felt a tiny touch light-headed and was basically fine,” she said after the event.

”So I thought I will fall out of the official lines … and take a seat, and some very dear St John Ambulance volunteers were then concerned about me and I sat in the … van and had a yak with them, and that was really it.”

Ah, so a throwaway line from 2007 is used to chastise her on the front page of a “serious” broadsheet for not doing what a “good woman” should do, which is eat well so she doesn’t get fat, instead of entertaining the daft notion that she could run the country.

Yesterday, the ambulance officers were not so eagle eyed.

So she didn’t even faint. Was just a bit wobbly, so she went and sat down. And it somehow warrants a giant banner on the front page, and a story on page three – both positions important real estate. And then the final dig about the ambos not coming to her rescue. Because she’s a woman and all that.

29 responses to “Belittling Gillard

  1. Yeah I was thinking v similar things reading teh paper on teh train to work. The story is tiny and buried on page 3 and it took me a while to actually find it, especially considering the banner is so big. They wanted a headline but didn’t actually have a story top back it up. I think the inference is that women are just too physically weak and delicate to be powerful. I grumbled at the use of the word ‘swoon;’ as if teh deputy PM is some waif like Victorian lady with delicate sensibilities and tight corset ready to be brought round with smelling salts. I also couldn’t help but think that they would love to hint at pregnancy even they hadn’t already vilified her for having such an empty fruit bowl, so to speak.

    • Actually, he could have hinted at pregnancy – and therefore not “committed” to her job – and mentioned the “deliberately barren” comment at the same time. And once that pregnancy rumour is out of the bag, it will follow her everywhere – every photo of her with her hand in front of belly – even if just doing up a jacket button – will be evidence that she’s not serious about running the country. Remember that episode of Doctor Who where Tennant said he’d bring down the British PM with six words: “Don’t you think she looks tired?”

      • The only good thing about the pregnancy rumour is that it has a short shelf life until people realise it is a crock. Thinking again from a male perspective – Tony Blair had a baby (well his wife HAD it, but you know what I mean) during his term and no one thought it would stop him doing his job. Female pollies dont get that luxury.

  2. oo, one more point. when a man falls over it is reported as ‘collapsing’ when a woman does the same, it is ‘swooning’…..puhleeeese.

    • Collapsing because he’s working so damn hard that he’s not even eating or sleeping. That’s how dedicated he is to his job. Whereas Gillard swooned because she’s not looking after herself. Tut tut. She’ll never find a husband that way.

  3. Lucky she has these concerned dudes to remind her to eat huh?

  4. Actually I think that this would have gone through to the keeper except fro the fact that Gillard has form for doing this at Anzac events, and on the previous occasion she cited a lack of tucker as the reason. It just goes to show that you can’t live on Lattes alone. 😉

    • Or SSB… isn’t that what we’re supposed to be drinking these days?

      Actually, it wouldn’t have gone through to the keeper because when she tripped over a tree root at a media conference in a park, it was widely reported. One of the problems with this story is that Coorey just assumed he knew why she fainted. Oops, sorry, swooned. There are no quotes from her about it, so he’s just talking out his arse.

  5. I was at the event filming my sons cadet march, I was asked to supply the images seen on Channel 7 television. I must say the way in which she fell was distressing to me and my wife standing beside me.

    She fell back being caught and held up by her minders. After unsuccessfuly being able to hold herself upright she was lowered to the road. The entire event took 5 minutes to get her composed enough to sit her up on the seat. Surely a person that feels the effects of hunger and dehydration feels the symptoms and reacts.

    • Really? Can you tell us more about it? Was it hot? A long day? Because many many years ago when I did cadets at school, we would have the passing out parade at the end of term (or was it year? Dunno, it was a very long time ago) and if it was a hot day, kids would be dropping all over the place.

  6. I just thought about how ironic it would be if she was pregnant after all this time.

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  8. My daughter suffers from postural hypotension (fainted several times in choir practice and once stunningly mid-performance) and I am showing her this article so she can see that one day she too can run the country. We will be in safe hands.

  9. It was a warm about 24c, the sun was covered in cloud at the time so no direct sunlight,

    Julia was wearing a black pants suit with a black jacket at the time, she laid a reef on behalf of the Labour Party and colapsed right as they started God save the Queen,

    The papers are talking about a pre-existing low blood pressure condition. Surely that would warrant having a medically trained minder on hand or at the least someone with food and fluids.

    She looked happy before hand smiling and looking gracious. I’m worried for her health. You could see that her colleages were more embarressed than concerned. It looked as though they just wanted her off the ground. If this happened to Hilary Clinton she would be in a choppper in minutes flat.

    The image I took also shows Tim Palas being useless standing over her singing god save the queen as they help her.. Hmmmm

    • The SMH story just says she blamed low blood pressure, which isn’t necessarily a medical issue. I have low blood pressure and don’t need to do a single thing to manage it and have never fainted. It’s just nice and low, rather than low and problematic, if that makes sense. Maybe she’s got a cold, is exhausted after working her arse off and everything caught up with her?

      The point I’m trying to make is that we don’t know, yet Coorey and the SMH have gone large with “ooh, silly woman, she’s not taking care of herself”.

    • Oh, speaking of MPs being useless, did you see the tweet from Steve Gibbons (member for Bendigo) about media coverage of Christine Nixon and the Black Saturday stuff?

      Nixon hasn’t resigned. Now you F…wits in the media must realise that you don’t set or control the agenda. Despite your bullshit!
      1:35 AM Apr 16th via web

      Personally, I think Nixon is being unfairly crucified, but it’s hard to argue that the media doesn’t play a strong role in agenda-setting.

    • In fairness to Ms G, God Save the Queen is particularly soporific, I cant blame anyone for falling asleep during it!

  10. I didn’t even know we still sang that thing anymore. Unbelievable.

  11. This is a non-story. While I live in NZ now I grew up in Aussie and went to the Anzac services every year over there. Because I was a scout (one of the first female scouts on the Northern Beaches booya!) I had to be up for the Dawn Services and my day didn’t finish until the late afternoon. EVERY SINGLE YEAR someone fainted.

    It’s like an Anzac tradition. Not news.

  12. People still faint at the NZ Anzac services and it’s fucking freezing here.

  13. Excellent piece here on Christine Nixon.

    Gillard is hounded for not eating, Nixon for eating.

    Gillard for not caring enough about her hair. Nixon for caring too much.

    Nothing goes through to the keeper, Iain, not for women in public life.

  14. As a soon to be former soldier I can admit that I once fainted at a dawn service. In the Army you are up well before dawn and ‘treated’ to a gunfire breakfast which consists of an instant coffee laced with rum. then you have to stand solemnly still for ages. One year down I went.

  15. David Irving (no relation)

    kimsonof, when we were practicing for our march-out at Kapooka, one of our blokes went down like a bag of shit – scraped his nose quite badly, poor lad – because he’d vagued out. It doesn’t even require low blood sugar or dehydration.

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