The Sydney Morning Feral

The graphic on the front page of today’s SMH for this story is wrong: Crime ring link to insider trading:

POLICE and corporate regulators have raided homes and businesses to smash a crime syndicate that launders money through the sharemarket after getting inside tips from leading investment banks.

The crime ring, whose network extends from NSW to Western Australia, uses young people with little means to extract cash from ATMs after successful share trades executed through the Commonwealth Bank’s online broker, Commsec.

But check out the graphic:

Ferals? Are you fucking kidding me? And what’s with the bad guy being clearly “not Australian”?

Now, the language in newsrooms can be pretty colourful – I don’t know of any other office workplace where the boss gets away with telling colleagues they’re fucking idiots – but for this to be on the front page of the Herald is unacceptable.

13 responses to “The Sydney Morning Feral

  1. My understanding was that Ferals tended to be hippy dread-locked types… which as a sign in a pizza store a couple of towns over tells me means;


    This is not a new story, this is just modern day Dickens… poor youth exploited by criminals… with the middle class tut tutting about the behaviour of the lower orders.

  2. nice observation Lissy 🙂

  3. Shit. That is fucking unbelievable. So non-anglo dudes and homeless youth are our biggest problem are they?

  4. Where is the caricature of the investment bank employees? Or was there an assumption that seeing they CLEARLY all nice, white guys with snazzy but tasteful cars, we’d know their types well enough?

  5. It seems that with all that filthy lucre the young feral has obtained he has bought himself a Tardis. Cool!

  6. Jebus K, that made me laugh! Fuck I needed that.

  7. You ladies bring the smarts, I’ll bring the jokes.

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