Long weekend bullet point special

I’ve got quite a large uni assignment due next week that I’m behind in, so of course my long weekend went like this:

* Friday night with Lexy and Mr Lexy and a few bottles of wine (I’m still enjoying her delicious chocolate cake, and the rudeness of that statement is entirely appropriate considering we giggled over how moist her cake was);

* Hangover;

* Saturday night with Showpony and the Wolf and a few bottles of wine;

* Hangover;

* Sunday afternoon and evening with the Falcons and cider;

* Hangover;

* Monday visiting Lady A and Mr Fit and “ahhhing” over their enormous new house (it even has a library and two dressing rooms!). Lady A made a great point about why they won’t be getting a bigger tv: “the bigger the television, the smaller the education”;

* Monday afternoon thinking “fuck, I’d better do some work” so I pruned the lemon tree and swept the courtyard and did two loads of washing.

Can someone please kick my arse?

9 responses to “Long weekend bullet point special

  1. oh god…I am also in assignment hell.

    Fortunately/unfortunately I got munted on Friday night and managed to come down with a rather vile cold, so I have spent the remainder of the weekend reading uni texts (well, the fun ones anyway), making my teaching portfolio blog, and right now I’m belting out a essay on Huck Finn that is due in tomorrow (errm, actually I’m procrastinating and reading your little bloggy here, but you get the drift).

    I don’t think I will ever learn. If you find the secret to not being a procrastinating student/home dweller, please do let me know.

    And nothing practical like ‘stop putting it off’. I’m thinking of something more along the lines of black magic.

    • You know, I think if you’re a procrastinator, you’ll always be a procrastinator. Have procrastinator pride. I’m on my fourth tertiary qualification (although there was some debate at the pub yesterday about whether a diploma counts or not), and I still leave everything until the last minute.

      That sucks about your cold. Drink lots of hot water.

      • hang on… there’s something in that. I’ll stop perceiving myself as a procrastinator….tomorrow. Or perhaps I could make celebratory tshirts… I mean, after Master Chef, of course.

        I have drunk so much tea (green, English, Earl Grey, Ginger) I think I have turned into a big slooshie water vessle. If anyone could stand the proximity to my snotty, whinging self I would make an amazing hot water bottle. I rang up my mum earlier today and literally just made a big “WAAAAAAAaaaaaaa!” noise down the line at her. I think I’m regressing. And also fairly off topic.

  2. I’ve got tutes to prepare, and a couple of research projects that need a bit of attention, which is why I spent the weekend cooking lots of delicious food and tinkering on the piano and knitting and cleaning and reading a novel.

    Perhaps some mutual backside kicking?

    • The reason we procrastinate is because we know we always get it done in time, and always get good marks (or give good tutorials, in Deborah’s case). So experience has shown us that we don’t need to start early.

      Hey Deborah, where do you stand on the crunchy vs soft ANZAC biscuit? Personally, I like to be able to bend them a little.

      • I prefer them just a little soft in the middle. Crunch through the outside to a softer inside. I don’t always achieve that; sometimes they end up crisp all the way through. I find that a slightly wetter mix helps, and undercooking just a little helps. They usually puff up into a rounded shape in the oven; if I take them out just as or just after they shift back down to a flat top, they seem to end up about right (to my taste, that is).

  3. You forgot to mention the floor to ceiling purpose built shoe cupboard, that I have deftly turned into a shoe and wine cupboard. Shoes, wine, chocolate, cheese and sex… what more could you ever need. Not in that order of course, cheese will always come first.

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