Reinforcing the tired idea that women are gold-diggers

I hate the term gold-digger. Particularly when used to describe a young woman who is with a rich old guy. If you decide that she’s only with him because of his money, then you have to accept that he’s only with her because of her youth/beauty. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. But no, that bit always get ignored when the chance to bitch about women comes up.

Anyway. Check out this bullshit on the Daily Telegraph website:

The story: Justine Laycock secretly marries $93 million lottery winner Nigel Page:

WHEN Nigel Page won a whopping $93 million, among the world’s largest single lottery winners, he was pictured celebrating alongside his equally ecstatic girlfriend.

But Justine Laycock’s name was not on the cheque for winning the EuroMillions lottery jackpot in February because the couple were not married.

Now, two months on, Miss Laycock has become Mrs Page, ensuring she would be entitled to a larger share of her husband’s fortune and the $78,000-a-week interest it accrues should they part, The Daily Mail newspaper in the UK reports.

So, we have a couple who have been together for eight years, getting married after a lottery win. Not that surprising.

Asked if they had married to guarantee Mrs Page, 41, a share of the jackpot, her father said: “I have no idea.”

Legal experts told The Daily Mail that by marrying, Mrs Page had hugely increased her chances of receiving a slice of her husband’s fortune should they part. It is the largest lotto win in the UK.

“If a couple enjoys a long-term marriage rather than cohabiting, the partner is more likely to be entitled to an equal share of their combined assets. If an individual dies without leaving a will, their assets are automatically awarded to their husband or wife,” Evonnie Chan, a barrister specialising in family law, told The Daily Mail.

“This is not the case for cohabitees.”

So, rather than admit they have no story, the Daily Mail has used the opportunity to imply that, a) she only married him so she could get her filthy gold-digging hands on his money, and b) that makes her the smartest woman in the world because women don’t have any other way of securing their financial future. I’m surprised they didn’t say “Schemey bitch only hooked up with him eight years ago because she knew he’d win the lottery”.

15 responses to “Reinforcing the tired idea that women are gold-diggers

  1. Um, maybe I’m missing something, but last time I checked, the dearly beloved patriarchy bestowed the time-honoured custom of doing the proposing prior to holy matrimony. So, what happened here, she threatened to electrocute his balls if he didn’t ask her to marry him?

  2. Saw this and came to your blog as soon as I got home. Talk about offensive, not just for the very plain inference that his girlfriend only married him because he won lotto, but because he is supposedly so stupid as to not realise that this is the case. Could it be that two people who were in love (and had been for years) decided to celebrate a windfall by getting married, or am I just old fashioned?

    • Hi kimsonof, I’m so proud you thought of me when you saw this story. And you’re right about it being offensive to men as well. Which is why I don’t get why it’s such a popular belief.

  3. Another aspect to note is that this ‘journalists’ idea of what would rate as the single smartest thing a woman could do would be to marry a rich bloke.
    I bet this comes as some surprise to those silly women who went out and got tertiary educations and went on to contribute to society and culture; Germaine Greer, Herta Muller, Wangari Maathai, Elizabeth H Blackburn and so on. All they had to do was marry a rich man to prove their smarts.
    I will note that the above is said in a satirical sense.

  4. I’m going to be Mrs (well Ms) web designer but I still earn more than my man friend so maybe he is marrying me for my money… I better go home and take those electrodes off his nuts cos it turns out I’m the stupid one!

    On a totally unrelated topic – did anyone see what they are doing in Oklahoma as an anti abortion move? Forcing women (including rape and abuse victims) to undergo a ultrasound scan an hour before any termination with women made to listen to a detailed description of the babies health…for added guilt. Oh yes and this cant be through the tummy; no no no it has to be a vaginal scan. There is a crap excuse given for the use of vaginal scans about being able to see more. Well sorry but I’ve had both and generally you scan everything through the tummy ultrasound unless it is v early days in which case there is not a lot to see and make you feel guilty about anyway. This appals me – it is so abusive and insulting and frankly getting dangerously close to a physical assault in my opinion. If I refuse to have a large instrument shoved up my falcon then what…no assistance provided?

  5. I wonder what the story would have been if she’d won? Maybe after winning lotto they could afford the wedding they wanted?

  6. Ridiculous. Mr Boganette and I have often said if we ever won Lotto we would have a massive ass wedding right after we went to Wrestlemania. I would say most couples who want to get married but think it’s a big waste of money would do it after they won Lotto. Now all I can think about is winning Lotto. Oh we would have the biggest party ever if we won Lotto. I could hire Alice Cooper to officiate the wedding! And Motorhead could be our wedding band! OK I’m going to stop now.

    • And that, dear Ms Boganette, is exactly what money is for. Sure, you could pay off your debts, but when you’re eighty-seven and sitting around with Mr Boganette, you won’t be reminiscing about how you paid off your credit card with that Lotto win and put the rest in the bank.

  7. Yep paying off the credit card would be the last thing I did. I would be thoroughly irresponsible with my winnings. I would buy heaps of pets and the pets would have their own house. There would be carpets on all the walls for the cats.

    And I would have a beer garden in my backyard. And a hot tub. Yep OK definitely gonna stop now.

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